Any experience with the new sleep med Rozerem?

  1. I was wondering if anyone out there has tried Rozerem? Supposedly it does not produce dependence. If you do use it, how does it compare to Benadryl or Melatonin? Do you have any lingering feelings of being "hung over" from it? Just curious, as a night nurse there are always those occasional days where sleep just doesn't come easy and I was intrigued by the claim that there is no dependence issues with this med.

    (The commercial for this has Abe Lincoln and the Groundhog talking to this man who can't sleep....)

    I love this little yawn guy!
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I haven't personally tried Rozerem---too bloody expensive! There are a couple of residents in my ALF who have, and they frankly weren't terribly impressed; in fact, they're actually doing better on plain ol' melatonin (the kind you can buy in bulk at Costco for about four bucks a bottle). Now, it may work better for a younger person; I don't know that age is a factor, but I have to think so.

    Me, I swear by melatonin.........I take two tabs about half an hour before I want to go to sleep, then sit in the recliner to read or watch TV for a bit, and pretty soon I'm ready to crawl into bed and be off to Dreamland. I wake up refreshed, not groggy in the morning, and I don't have nightmares like I do with diphenhydramine (Benedryl/Tylenol PM are AWFUL on both counts!).

    Of course, what works for one person doesn't always do it for another, so if you're inclined, try the Rozerem and see what it does for you. In my limited experience with the drug, I haven't found any advantages over the melatonin you can buy over the counter (although you do need to check the dosage---they aren't standardized).
  4. by   wizap
    Rozerem works for me. I got free samples from my MD. I take it only when I need it. It works better than Melatonin. I do not wake up feeling drugged like I did with diphenhydramine.
    You do have to find out what works best for you. Sleep is very important, and lack of sleep can cloud your judgement. Good luck finding what works!!!
  5. by   elizabells
    I tried Rozerem - the first night was great, all refreshed the next day. The second time the day after I could not stay conscious. TG I wasn't at work! It was like narcolepsy. It also sent my kidneys into overdrive. I'm a person who can get by going once a shift if that's all I get, and it's fine. But with the Rozerem I was like a pregnant lady. I'll stick with my Benadryl.