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I was wondering if any other nurses have advice on how to work these long shifts and still be at a healthy weight. How do you fit in exercise? How do you eat regular, healthy meals? I always read that we must work out at least 5... Read More

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    I work 12-hour night shifts. I exercise at the local 24-hour gym on the way home from work for 45 to 60 minutes, no matter how tired I am. On my days off I exercise for 60 minutes.

    Although I can eat structured meals on my days off, I must graze while at work. During a typical night shift I'll eat some soup for breakfast (18:30), a salad for lunch (22:00), Greek yogurt for dinner (02:00) and fruit and crackers as a late snack (05:30). I'll sip on sparkling water and coffee throughout the night.

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    For these long time working shift the basic problem is you can't take care of your health and weight because of busy working, after working 12 hour it's really tough to workout or do any kind of exercise, i can suggest you only one thing which is have a healthy life style try to eat natural vegetables and juices because these things are healthy and don't put extra weight on you.
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    Quote from ChelseaHindwood
    try to eat natural vegetables and juices because these things are healthy and don't put extra weight on you.
    I get what you're saying regarding eating more natural foods, but juices do put extra weight on people because they are loaded with sugar. See below:
    The facts are kind of disappointing: although a lot of us think of juice as a healthy, natural item, in reality, drinking a lot of juice really isn’t that good for you. In fact, it could ruin your weight loss plan by loading your body with sugars and carbs.
    Doctors are telling patients the truth about juice: that it’s loaded with fructose, glucose and sucrose, natural sugars that can overwhelm the liver and cause weight gain in excess.
    Could Drinking Juice Be Causing Your Weight Gain? | 3FC

    Personally, I drink calorie-free liquids such as water, unsweetened teas, diet cola, and coffee. I eat fruits due to the fiber content, but I steer clear of fruit juice. Juice has too many empty calories for comfort.
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    In nursing school I gained 40 lbs & went from a size 5 to a size 12. After nursing in a crazy, busy unit for a year, without exercising/changing diet I now weigh 125 lbs & am in a size 8. I have just started to eat healthy & exercise. I don't exercise on work days as I get enough. And I keep a food diary which leaves you no choice but to be honest with yourself. On my days off I had to stop making excuses to not exercise. Sure I had to run errands but those can usually be completed in one day & not the entire day.
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    Great attitude, bendy!

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