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Wilcox ER and Kauai!!!! Opinions??? - page 2

Hey fellow Nurses, I am considering a job in the ER deptment @ Wilcox memorial hospital. I have never been to this island. So I would like some input from others mostly about the island. Be... Read More

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    So far she's ignored all posts regarding the strike...

    I think there's a BOAT LOAD of money in her eyes... Oh well, you can't buy karma...
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    Well, we tried.
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    My wife and I are both RNs and our son and daughter-in-law (native) are living in Kauai. They pester us constantly about making "the move" so I have been semi-following the Wilcox situation. It doesn't sound pretty and it doesn't sound like it's over, either. It is so like so many other places where healthcare administrators are in the business strictly for profit and couldn't care less about patient care. It is my understanding that Wilcox is apart of a larger system that spans (controls) all the islands. I would leave nursing before I would work again for such an entity. It just isn't worth it.
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    Didn't the strike end on October 28th? According to the news anyhow.
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    I now endorse getting a job at Wilcox now that the strike is over...

    Oh course, the salary you'd be expecting just got cut in half, or even more.... so i'm not quite sure you're interested any more... =)

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