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I'm applying for UH MEPN program for Fall 2009. Has anyone heard about the program? It's fairly new but I just want to know what I'm getting myself I know overall, nursing school is... Read More

  1. by   eebs
    Nothing here.
  2. by   erigrl057
    nothing yet, will post if i hear any news..
  3. by   hilife808
    No news here either. The wait is killing me. Two of my friends are currently in the program. If you're in state it's actually about 10,000 per semester. First year of MEPN comes w/ 3 semesters so equate about 30k/year. They said all they got were loans for the first semester and a little bit of help in the second semester. Once you have the GPAs in the system you can apply for scholarships. In terms of the curriculum, they said first semester was pretty intense because they had pharm and patho together. Second semester was manageable. Overall, they like the program and said clinical has been fun. Last year they had 100 applicants but GRE was required, accepted 32 students. I don't know what the statistics are this year. I think our main communicator so far has been Erik. Well I am shooting for ANP, good luck everyone. They got their interview invitations by phone some time late Feb I think. Acceptance was around late March or April.
  4. by   erigrl057
    any news anyone?? hope we'll all get a call sometime this week.
  5. by   LindsayPaige
    I hope so too. Waiting is excruciating.
  6. by   AjBob
    Nope, and ditto.... I can't sleep- need to know!
  7. by   erigrl057
    check your emails, i think they are starting to send out invitations for interviews.
  8. by   LindsayPaige
    I thought they were supposed to call. What did the email say? If I may ask.
  9. by   AjBob
    Erigrl---Thank you for the heads up!....

    Lindsay--- The email is an invite, which provided info on how they are setting up interviews.

    Best to all!
  10. by   erigrl057
    yes, the email gives detailed info on how they are going to contact you to schedule an interview. they will call as early as tomorrow or friday to set up a date. if you are off the island, they will schedule a telephone interview. good luck to everyone!!!!
  11. by   LindsayPaige
    Thank guys! The best of luck.
  12. by   AjBob

    Any info. from your friends in MEPN about the interview?

    thanks in advance
  13. by   hilife808
    Besides why nursing, you be asked give a situation when you handle a problem. Why this specialty? How do you prioritize? Why this program vs. traditional? What is your second choice? What are some strengths you'll bring to the program?