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Is there anyone else that applied for the BSN program for Spring 2013? It feels like it's been forever since I applied, I can't wait to find out!... Read More

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    I was thinking the same thing. If that's the case, ill be getting it later than everyone else.

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    Any news you guys? I still haven't received anything yet I'm so tempted to call them tomorrow.
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    Nothing for me yet. I emailed them to ask whether I was accepted, and they said they can only communicate decisions through mail due to federal regulations.
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    I called the school today. They said that my letter was sent out on Monday. However, I'm currently on the mainland, so I'm sure that mine will take a little longer to get here. I hope that you guys find out tomorrow!
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    Do they send out rejection letters? If you are an alternate, wouldn't you get your letter later than others?
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    Yes, they do send out rejection letters. I'm not sure if they send letters to the people on the alternate list later or not, but I would think that they would send them all out at the same time.
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    I got my acceptance letter today from UH!
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    I got my acceptance letter today!!!! Dont know if I should go the KCC route since its cheaper and they have the 1 year BSN bridge program at UH. what do you guys think?
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    Congrats guys!! I heard KCC is just as good so either way you will be fine!
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    Congrats u guys! I still haven't received anything :/

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