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Hey everyone some helpful Info since I as well have been dying to know if I got in... I was told by a current Nursing student she noticed her Registration stats changed from General Arts to Nursing before she got her... Read More

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    I checked last night & my status had not changed so I was bummed but it did this morning and now I'm confused! I am freaking out! This waiting game is driving my insane!!!!

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    So what did it change to? Are u a Manoa student Francobeano?
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    Hi keala0102!
    I'm currently enrolled at UHM so maybe that's why yours hasn't changed yet. So, my "Primary Program" changed to "Bachelor of Science", my "Program" changed to "Nursing-BS", my "College" changed to "Schl of Nursing&Dental Hygiene" and my "Major and Department" changed to "Nursing, Nursing".
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    I think that means your in Francobeano! Hope to be there with you... I guess I gotta wait for my letter! 
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    Quote from keala0102
    I think that means your in Francobeano! Hope to be there with you... I guess I gotta wait for my letter! 
    Hey Keala 0102,
    I am in the same boat as you are. My home institution remains unchanged, so is my major and other stuff I am so tempted to email UHM and ask if it does take longer to have registration status changed for thoes non-UHM students than those are already with them... Hate to wait any longer...even if the result will break my heart Don't know if they will get back to me on that though. If they did, I will keep you posted! figure crossed!
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    I could also be on yet another alt list
    Have you all gotten your first/aid cert? I'm going to the red cross but it's costing $170.. any better suggestions?
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    Thanks Mireille! Yes waiting totally sucks... I just want to know already even if it breaks my heart too. Please do keep me posted if you hear anything.

    Francobeano I have my CPR because of work but i dont have my first aid waiting to see if I got in first.
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    I agree with Keala! I think you are in! Don't worry, don't think they will just change it for no reason!
    I don't remember exactly how much I got it for, since my boss went red cross and updated them for me this time. The first time I got it was when it was part of the CNA training. http://www.htcc4u.com/?page_id=155 That is the link for that CNA school I attended to. Try ask them if they provide classes just for first/aid cert. But I doubt it will be cheaper though...but you never know until you try...
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    Ok everyone my friend broke down and called the office... They said the letters are being sent out very shortly and we should be receiving our letters this week or next! Good luck everyone!
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    Thank God! Finally!! Can't wait whether itis good or bad!
    How funny UHM is going back and forth on their own words. I think I asked them last week Friday, the person reponded by saying I won't be getting it till the end of next month.
    Anyway, thanks Keala0102 and your friend!!

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