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Hi, I am a current UH manoa student. I applied for fall 2013 nursing program with my 4.0 pGPA, 3.9 cGPA , and nln exam score. I got 57 percentile on my verbal, 99 percentile on math, and 68... Read More

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    You will not be notified of your score. Log into the NLN website like you did when you registered and there will be a link/button that says view report. Check periodically. It's not impossible to get in. It seems like most of the people that I've met are not serious enough to get good grades. Sounds like you're on the right track. The study guide helped me to build a good rhythm for the reading section. The math section was perfect, but the science section was downright ridiculous. If you have time, you should build your vocab over the summer.
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    Staunch, i got my acceptance today! :d
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    @Staunch Thank you! I'll check it out. Yes, I'm going to take NLN again in September. Do you think CNA experience would help? I worked for at least 2 years as a CNA.. My licensed is expired now as I decided to be a full time student.
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    @aznoobyboy Yay!! good for you!
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    Congratulations aznoobyboy!! Wow, how'd that happen? Did someone decline?

    @janegamiao, it would help your knowledge base, but they specifically tell everyone that letters of rec. and previous degrees held are not factored in to the final decision. I actually think previous degrees should be considered.
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    Thanks guys! Basically I checked my e-mail this morning and I got one from the School of Nursing. They told me there was a status change and I had to go there to talk with Brian. He gave me the acceptance letter there. I don't know how to register for classes though.

    @janegamiao I'm taking CNA course this summer actually. My friends told me that people who took CNA had an easier time when they got in because the first year is basically review from what you learned. So you'll be able to get a head start when you get in
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    @aznoobyboy Oh really.. I took it about 3 years ago. What was your nLN score? did you have any B's?
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    133, 99 math, 77 science, 72 reading. i had about 2-3 B's but I took many classes to replace them. I didn't get in the first time, but I improved my GPA and luckily they pulled me out of the alternate list the 2nd time. What is your grades?
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    I'm still waiting for the result of my NLN.. Wow your Math is really high.. I have 2 B's.. I still have to take Micro 130 this fall, so I guess I'm going to apply for fall 2014..
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    @Aznoobyboy, what CNA course are you taking? I have been looking for one and KCC only offers them during the standard school terms. Im guessing that Im supposed to enroll in a private course, but I'm worried about the cost and accreditation. Any insight is much appreciated!

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