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Hi, I am a current UH manoa student. I applied for fall 2013 nursing program with my 4.0 pGPA, 3.9 cGPA , and nln exam score. I got 57 percentile on my verbal, 99 percentile on math, and 68... Read More

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    Both of you have a good chance. I applied and got accepted with the similar stats. IIRC UH only looks at your highest percentile in math, science, or verbal. As long as you have at least one area in the 90th percentile, you have a good shot. Good luck
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    Hey Rome808,Thanks for the input on this thread! Ive actually been following all threads for the past 1 1/2 - 2 years and haven't seen a distinct pattern in those that get accepted. I have actually written down everyone's scores and compared them to one another. If most are reporting their true stats, then it's completely baffling as to why some did not get in. Hence the feeling of complete and utter failure when someone writes "I can't believe I didn't get in". Boosting a prereq GPA is possible, but boosting a cumulative GPA is near impossible and would take multiple courses. Passing a class with an A is easy, getting a good grade on a proctored exam is hard. Oh what a mystery it is to determine what stats they value most. Of course now we are only able to apply at UH with an NLN PAX score since KCC has changed things up.
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    Rome 808! What was your score on the NLN exam? composite scores and percentiles
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    I got 133 composite. 96 or 98 math, 80 something verbal, 90 something science. sorry im not sure and too lazy to look for it. i got 4.0 gpa tho. It all depends on the pool of applicants. I heard UH does not even look at your composite. they only pick your highest relative score.
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    HI! I am a RN from Brazil And I need some hours of practical mental Nursing according to CGFNS, which evaluated my credentials. Is that possible I have these practical classes in mental Nursing at UH Manoa next March?
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    Does anyone know when letters come out?
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    @Aznoobyboy, I thought you got in for Spring 2013? What were your stats this time around? I hope we get our letters soon, I can't take it anymore! A lot of the scholarship deadlines have passed and without a confirmed acceptance I didn't apply for any of them. It's been 2 months since the application deadline, but I was told responses are given in April. Ugh, does it take that long?! The anxiety is killing me.
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    yeah i guess the letter will be sent out on april.... i cant wait! !
    by the way.... what was your nln score aznoobyboy??
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    @Staunch sadly no . Brian said the pool was high last semester. I got 133 for composite, 99 math 78 science (wasn't prepared for physics) and 76 reading. My pGPA and cGPA is around 3.5. They told me what I have is good but everyone in this forum had around 4.0 gpa.
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    Ugh, that's what Im afraid of! Putting too much emphasis on cGPA makes no sense. It's near impossible to pull up a cGPA. Then again just because someone has a high GPA does not indicate that they are a high achiever. They could've had an easier instructor than someone else. I started school back in the day when instructors didn't hand out study guides or curve grades. I think the NLN-PAX should be the variable that matters most just like any other standardized test score. Anyhow, good luck to you friend!

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