Question for those who took Zoo141 (A & P) at KCC

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    A professor has not yet been assigned to my class, so I am unable to email to ask this question. I want to order flashcards but understand that some are arranged by sytem and some by region. How does KCC teach A & P: region or system? Thanks!!!

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    Although I didn't take ZOOl @ KCC, I did take it from HCC, and I had a classmate take lecture KCC and lab @ HCC...and she had no trouble going back & forth between them two classes.
    We went by body systems.
    Hope this helps
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    I'm taking it this upcoming semester so I'm not positive, but I have a coworker who was taking it this last semester. If I'm not mistaken, I recall it being by system when looking through her book. I'm picking up my books tomorrow so I can let you know then
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    So I got my book yesterday. I'm only taking 141, not 141L, but the book for 141 (Anatomy & Physiology The Unity of Form and Function, by Saladin) is definitely by system. Hope this helps you!!
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    Thanks, everyone!
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    hows class so far? im taking the online course
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    I ended up dropping the course. With 3 kids, working full time, and my other two classes, I was terrified of getting a poor grade. I'll take it during summer, and only concentrate on that. How are you doing in the class? I was also taking it online, my instructor was Brilliande.
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    im taking uno, first test is today!
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    Hope you did well on the test!!
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    Quote from blahblah56
    hows class so far? im taking the online course
    Definitely challenging! LOTS to read and learn! UGHHH!!! Had my first exam yesterday, and I know I bombed it! My fault, though! I had a lot going on with my personal life the past two weeks and did not study as well as I should. Time to regroup and FOCUS! Good luck to everyone else!

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