Question for those who took Zoo141 (A & P) at KCC

  1. A professor has not yet been assigned to my class, so I am unable to email to ask this question. I want to order flashcards but understand that some are arranged by sytem and some by region. How does KCC teach A & P: region or system? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   worf
    Although I didn't take ZOOl @ KCC, I did take it from HCC, and I had a classmate take lecture KCC and lab @ HCC...and she had no trouble going back & forth between them two classes.
    We went by body systems.
    Hope this helps
  4. by   christinamuniz
    I'm taking it this upcoming semester so I'm not positive, but I have a coworker who was taking it this last semester. If I'm not mistaken, I recall it being by system when looking through her book. I'm picking up my books tomorrow so I can let you know then
  5. by   christinamuniz
    So I got my book yesterday. I'm only taking 141, not 141L, but the book for 141 (Anatomy & Physiology The Unity of Form and Function, by Saladin) is definitely by system. Hope this helps you!!
  6. by   Elizabeth K.
    Thanks, everyone!
  7. by   blahblah56
    hows class so far? im taking the online course
  8. by   christinamuniz
    I ended up dropping the course. With 3 kids, working full time, and my other two classes, I was terrified of getting a poor grade. I'll take it during summer, and only concentrate on that. How are you doing in the class? I was also taking it online, my instructor was Brilliande.
  9. by   blahblah56
    im taking uno, first test is today!
  10. by   christinamuniz
    Hope you did well on the test!!
  11. by   Elizabeth K.
    Quote from blahblah56
    hows class so far? im taking the online course
    Definitely challenging! LOTS to read and learn! UGHHH!!! Had my first exam yesterday, and I know I bombed it! My fault, though! I had a lot going on with my personal life the past two weeks and did not study as well as I should. Time to regroup and FOCUS! Good luck to everyone else!
  12. by   Ariel70113
    I'm thinking about doing the online class with Uno also. How is it going?