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Aloha everybody...The administrator from a LTC facility in my place (oahu,hi) offered me RN job, but first they will train me as a CNA, after that LPN and then RN... She told me that I don't have enough experience yet (I'm... Read More

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    Snobgob: You should change your name to "Debbie Downer"
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    "Snobgob: You should change your name to "Debbie Downer""

    I'm usually a pleasant guy... quite chipper actually. But I didn't think I'd have to candy-coat the situation.

    Its a rough world... you want a hug and "it'll be okay". =P~
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    Hmmm...reminds me of that classic... something about Debbie and Dallas.

    It's not snob gob. It's SLOB gob. And it's kane, NOT wahine.

    I would suggest names like:
    tell-it-like-it-is Tom
    or no-need-to-sugar-coat-it Nick
    realistic Robert (Can't write realistic Randy. Not when I just wrote a post about Debbie and Dallas. Oh my, I'm in a scarcastic mood tonight!)

    *laughing* You think his posts are depressing? Try reading mind sometime. I make him look like happy. Lisa ;-)
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    Dont take it, sorry to say but thats almost my rate as CNA before...