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  1. 0 Will anyone be going to Kcc for spring 2012?
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    Hi lovenaee,

    I am going to KCC 2012 spring. Are you, too?
    I am excited to attend the orientation on Friday.
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    Yes!!! Friday is soon! Im excited too. Did you turn in all your health requirements yet ?
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    Yep. I mailed it in last week. I purchased $388 money order, and now thinking about what to wear for the orientation. They take a picture for ID card.
    I am so nervous about the coming semester. I hope this orientation will ease my anxiety a bit.
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    I'm so nervous too! Everyone is telling me to be ready cuz it isn't easy! Where did you purchase your money order? I was thinking of getting a cashiers check at the bank... Idk what to wear either. Just no white yeah? Excited to meet you! How old are you?
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    You cracked me up by your last question, lovenaee. I'm very old! I have more than 10 years of work experience in a different field(non-medical).
    I've heard the same thing about the program. We are supposed to cry a lot, right? but let's try to enjoy this rough sailing together!

    I bought the money order at a post office. They charge $1.10 fee. Not too bad.

    By the way, are you planning to transfer to RN-BSN program after you get your RN license?
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    Haha sorry! That was a rude question!!
    I heard Walmart does money orders too? Have you ever gotten it from them?
    & yes I'm sure we'll be crying alot, or at least I will!
    I am planning to get my BSN yes, thank goodness the bridge program is back! Saves so much money!
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    No, I have never gotten a money order at Walmart...
    Wherever convenient for you will work.

    See you tomorrow!
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    Okay! See you tomorrow.
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    I am just curious. What is the cost for the nursing program at KCC per semester or per year? Thank you!
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    hi jujubees1,

    you can see the estimated cost on this list.
    [color=#63900e]associate degree in nursing admissions application / checklist (pdf form) in the "forms."
    and the last page shows the list.

    hope it helps.

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