Job prospects for new grads.

  1. I am a nursing student now. After I get my Associates degree and pass the NCLEX I want to work on Maui. What are the chances of a new grad finding work in Hawaii?
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  3. by   Lisa From Maui
    Read the last 18 months of posts. No reason to re-type what other people already wrote. You will find... the answers are already on this website. Read. Read. Read. Believe! --Lisa ;-)
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    ... then read it again.
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    .......and again
  6. by   thekid
    do you have prior experience as a CNA or LPN? If you worked as a CNA or LPN during school it does give you an edge over new grads who have not had any sort of "field" experience yet. But that also depends on where you want to work.

    It may be best to gain some experience as a new grad where you already live, then look into opportunities on the island later on. If you are in school right now, maximize your time as a student..make sure you get to know the nurses in your clinical rotation. Make contacts, get references..that will help you get a job in your area.
  7. by   jerrycRN
    i dont know about that..had a call-in position at queens as a a call-in position at hmc-east as a psa during nursing school...and neither of them offered me a job...but i aint a great rn position at a magnet bay are hospital..but still wanna return back home
  8. by   Lisa From Maui
    Oops! Hit the wrong key. Nevermind.
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