Job Hunting....and failing!

  1. Hi All! I'm new to AllNurses! I'm a New Grad with both LPN & RN licenses (Oahu). I applied to more than a few places, but haven't received any responses. I'm wondering if I should "follow-up" on my application status, but don't want to be seen as "annoying". Does anyone know how the local companies feel about "following-up"? Is a phone call or email better? Has anyone "followed-up"? If so, what was your experience(s)? (I don't have the name of the hiring manager, and I mailed in my application(s)). Also, I've been thinking about applying to LTC/SNF facilities, but most of them don't advertise on the main channels (Career Builder, Monster, etc.) and have no websites either!!...Does anyone know where LTCs or SNFs usually advertise? Any tips/advice would be great! Thanks!
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    I'd also like to add that Queen's only hires BSNs. Also, I spoke to a person in HR @ Castle Medical Center. They have a new grad program available once or twice a year with approximately 6 spots, but they only hire in-house.
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    You need to work in-house as a CNA/WardClerk/Tech/etc to get an RN job at any hospital in Hawaii.
    All new-grad programs are only open in-house. This will not change anytime soon.

    There are several hundred (probably over a thousand by now) new grads waiting for jobs in Hawaii. In most of the major hospitals, nearly every CNA/WardClerk/Tech is a new-grad or nursing student waiting for an RN job. The average wait time from graduation to getting an RN job is well over 1 year. Probably getting closer to 2 years.