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    Anyone else wanna comment on island fever? Wanna share your thoughts, perspective, etc? - Lisa ;-)

    For those of you on the mainland, who are thinking about moving here, here's a post for you!

    We live on the island of Maui. My husband is working on the island of Kauai this week. He told me that's where Jurassic Park was filmed; the island is tropical, green, gorgeous! I'm thinking about joining him for the week-end. Back home, if we wanted to take a week-end vacation, we would
    $ 30 fill up my gas tank, drive 200-300 miles to another city or small town,
    $ 200 hotel room for 2 nights
    $ 30 fill up my gas tank, drive back home (my car was smaller, got better mileage)
    That's $ 260 total + meals.

    Here, in Hawai'i, it's another story. I just checked prices:

    $ 260 airfare Maui to Oahu to Kauai for 2 people
    $ 100 rental car for 2 days
    $ 200 hotel room for 2 nights
    $ 200 airfare Kauai to Oahu to Maui for 2 people
    That's $ 760 total + meals

    My husband is on Kauai for business already, and his company will pay for his plane ticket back home, so that will save us some money. Minus the cost of his plane ticket, it will cost $ 530 for me to join him, and us to make it a week-end vacation. Why do I write this... to let you nurses on the mainland know that Hawai'i is an expensive place to live... in more ways than you think. -- Lisa ;-)
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    Cost for a Minnesota resident to relax on a beach in Maui: A few grand.
    Cost for Lisa from Maui to relax on a beach in Maui: Free.

    Does that make you feel better? =P~
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    Great topic Lisa!

    I've been alive almost 3 decades and I haven't been to Hawaii yet. Everytime I look at airfare prices to just go for a week my dreams are shot down for the time being.

    I think I would love to live out there, but hearing about the COL always makes me pause. Is it just rent and airfare that is so costly? Is the gas and groceries very high also? Is a car an absolute must?
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    *smile* In this allnurses hawaii forum, there are many nurses from the mainland with many questions. They want to know what it's like to live here. My intention, when writing the original post, is to give them an idea, a REALISTIC idea, of what it's like to live here.

    *smile* As for me relaxing on a beach... Hmmmmm... I've never enjoyed just sitting on a beach. If I'm at the beach, I would prefer to do something active. *still smiling* For us, 2009 is the year of the snorkel. I'm hoping 2010 will be the year of the paddleboard.

    Lisa ;-)

    P.S. Slobgob... I've been reading your posts for a few months now... and I say this with curiosity AND respect... are you Kane or Wahine?
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    Dear Dream On:
    Vacationing here and living here are two completely different experiences.

    If you've got the money to vacation here, I say, GO FOR IT! I would HIGHLY recommend Maui! Much less crowded than Oahu, and lots and lots of things to do. It's a fantastic place to go on vacation!

    If you vacation here, I would say yes, definitely, get a rental car. You'll have more options for places to go.
    Keep in mind... if the hotel you stay at does not have a fridge and small kitchen, then you'll spend lots of $$ on eating out.

    My closest female friend is getting married next February, & coming here for their honeymoon. I'm helping her plan the honeymoon, and I'm having a blast! Can't wait to show her around the island. She's gonna love it!

    Lisa ;-)
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    I lived on the big island for a year and felt trapped because we could barely afford to visit Oahu. I missed Oahu and the city pulse so badly that we went back. I'd rather pay 1500 for a one bedroom crammed in waikiki than 1000 for a three bedroom in the jungle. call me weird

    yes vacationing is expensive. luckily we live two streets from waikiki beaches and we enjoy being out at the beach daily..and we are very active (I can't lay in the sand and bake either). Dinner and drinks kill the budget so we don't do that much. We are content being outside.

    But to go to Vegas or Arizona (home) yes the cost of airfare is crazy..i have family in the desert so we don't pay hotel costs. I'm in Arizona at the moment to do a clinical rotation at Mayo (so I can get licensed in state of Arizona too and travel back and forth). I am REALLY loving the mainland at the long open freeways and the variety of shopping. Cheap food grocery bill has been cut in half. I don't miss the water since we were just in Sedona. Come summer time i hope to have something more full time in Hawaii but we'll see.

    Vacations are hard to come by due to the cost but living in Hawaii is sort of like a vacation at least every other day
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    A few years ago I accidentally went into the Wahine bathroom...

    ... and got major stink-eye. =)
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    Dear Mr. Stinkeye: I laughed out loud when I read your response. Thank you for the humor. -- Lisa ;-)
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    Gosh girl, you need to research cheap ways to vacation. I can see the airfare is about $400 for 2. But the place to stay and car rental are WAY more than I would ever pay.

    I'm here on Oahu again for the 5th time in 3 years. I paid $130 give or take a few cents for a full size car for a week. Would have found an economy or compact car for cheaper if I didn't need the size this time. Also am in a place in Waikiki, less than 2 blocks to the beach for $600 for the week....included is a full kitchen, free parking, tax, etc. Rate is all inclusive.

    I went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries and thought I would try and really pay attention this time to prices. Milk wasn't $8/gal like I frequently hear, but $3.97 which is what I pay back home in Oklahoma. Bought some specialty bread for $2.97 a loaf, chips for $2.99 which is what I pay at home when they're on sale. Forgot my shampoo at home so decided to buy a full bottle and paid $4.97 which is about $0.50 more than I pay at home for the kind I buy. Gas is $3.13 at many locations, at home I filled up a couple of days before leaving and paid $2.39 (Oklahoma has one of the cheapest gas prices in the nation).

    Yes, I'm always looking to move here everytime I come. This is my 10th visit to Oahu and I have wated to move here since the first time. The move will be costly, deciding what to bring, what to mail, ship, pack on the plane, etc. Also, knowing I will have lots of start up costs like deposits, rent, new furniture (if I get something unfurnished) and household equipement and dry goods, etc. The pet situation is a pain in the butt too. We have 2 dogs and I don't know how feasible it will be to bring them which is somewhat difficulty. We may have to leave them with family...haven't decided yet.

    I understand that there are downfalls and it's different than moving from Little Rock, AR to Dallas, TX or something like that. I just would like to hear something.....anything.... positive about trying to make a move to Hawaii.
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    Dear Okie:

    Aloha! Thanks for your post. You wrote, "you need to research cheap ways to vacation." When I was in my 20s, I did find cheap ways to vacation. I would go camping, stay with friends, stay at cheap motels... I once stayed at a hostel that looked like bunk beds at summer camp. So yes, I have gone on cheap vacations. I am now in my mid 30's; my husband is in his early 40's. Our standards - his standards - are a little higher now. We no longer do Motel 6; we now stay at hotels that cost about 25% more than Motel 6. (Put another way, if Motel 6 costs $60/night, then we stay at a place that costs $75/night.)

    My main point was... if now you live in Little Rock or Dallas, and you want to take a week-end vacation to a town 100 miles away, you can go super-cheap. You can take your own car, load it up with your own camping supplies, grab your own cooler, load it up with groceries, pay for gas, and go! You can't do that here. If you want to go to another island, you've got to take a plane or a ferry. If you take a plane, you're gonna pay alot of $$ to get all that camping equipment there. If you want to take a ferry, I don't know about the costs there. To go between islands, it's really hard to go cheap!

    My husband works with locals. We live on the island of Maui. For one week he worked on another island, Kauai. He went with four employees who have all lived on Maui for over 20 years. Three out of four have never been to Kauai. You can't just get in your car and drive there. Hawai'i is just different.

    My best (female) friend lives back home, on the mainland. She's in nursing school. She tells me that she wants to get her RN, get some experience, and move here. I held my tongue. I didn't say what I was really thinking. Truth is... I would tell her to keep living at home (on the mainland) and vacation here twice a year for two weeks.

    I'm glad you wrote, "I understand that there are downfalls." True. Very true.

    You wrote, "I just would like to hear something.....anything.... positive about trying to make a move to Hawaii." Well, here's something positive. Yes, you absolutely can bring your dogs here. Once they get here, you won't have to worry about rabies. There is no rabies in Hawai'i. And it won't cost you $2000 to bring each dog here. When we brought my dog here, she flew from the mainland to Honolulu to Maui, same day. Didn't spend one night in quarantine. After we added up all the costs, from beginning to end, it only cost us $1200. For one dog. More positive stuff... if your dog does happen to bring fleas into your home, and you get a really bad infestation, you don't have to live with them forever. You CAN get rid of them. Between the vet visit, the exterminator, the carpet cleaning, and the Advantix-type medication, it only cost us $400.

    Another positive thing about moving here... re. your family and friends back home... you will realize how much you love them, and how much they mean to you.

    You MIGHT learn that real joy will never be found at another job, in another state, with another boyfriend (or husband), when you're skinnier, richer, drive a nicer car, wear nicer clothes, earn more money, get the degree, or get the promotion.

    The truth is not... I'm not happy now, but I'll be happy AFTER I move to Hawai'i.
    The truth is... REAL JOY is found, wherever I'm living, today, right here, right now.

    Something positive... you might learn that in Hawai'i. Lisa ;-)
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