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Hello - I'm wanting to take a travel nurse assignment in HI starting in October. Hope I will not be seen as a scab, from a couple of posts I've read. Does anyone have suggestions about which travel... Read More

  1. by   WindwardOahuRN
    Quote from CJ777
    Hello, I am a blonde headed blue eyed girl from texas. I have been a nurse 18 years. I am compassionate to all. I am planning on a travel job in Hawaii. Will I be accepted? As I said I haven't ever felt or acted superior over anyone. I have always been able to adapt to any situation/people. I will not cross a line,I made that known to my travel company up front. Thanks
    You sound like you'll do just fine. Hawaii can be a tough audience but, like most places, once it is apparent that you are a team player you'll fit right in.

    The people that have a problem here, IME, are the ones that are grossly insensitive to the local culture.

    Yes, there is a unique way of speaking here, unlike any other in the USA. It is something that takes a bit of getting used to. It does NOT, as some travel nurses seem to think, indicate stupidity by any means. But it is amazing how many times I have heard travel nurses actually making fun of the local patois.

    Things are simply DIFFERENT here. Wonderfully different, most times, but sometimes frustrating.

    Go with the flow, pitch in. And, oh yeah....bring some food in once in a while. That will definitely earn you points.

    Good luck to you---we definitely need nurses with experience here!

    It seems that soooo many of our travel nurses, lately, are showing up with that "one year experience" that the travel agencies are requiring.

    OMG...'nuff said.
  2. by   CJ777
    Thanks for your positive input. The way I look at it . I am on their turf. If
    I can't adapt accordingly. I have no business going. I still haven't been submitted to HI coordinator. She is on vacation until Tuesday. How long will it take? Where are you working? Any pointer's?? I am about to bust. I haven't told any of my family. I am afraid it might not work out. But it is a big thing to me. I would of never had the opportunity otherwise. Plus I love being a nurse. So it is like hitting the lottery. I am hoping to get there before long. Please pray for me.