CNA raiding Hawaii's nursing union - page 2

by now i am sure you have been exposed to the propaganda that some folks want you to believe is in your best interest. bringing in the california nurses association to "assist" cbo in collective... Read More

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    Thank you for your reply. By now you know Hawaii nurses value their nantional influence - The Amrican Nurses Association. I think CNA is a ....., who found out they they can't strong arm and intimidate nurses in Hawaii.

    Just know we did not one thing to manipulate the vote, nothing. CNA was seen for what they are.

    I had a conversation with Michael Lighty. I asked him why he was in Hawaii. He said it was CNA's goal to replace The ANA as the nantion voice of nurses (check out their web page ), which explains why they go after state nursing associations that belong to ANA. There are 200,000 unorganized nurses in california why isn't the CNA spending their member dues organizing in their own state.

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    [QUOTE=Hawaii RN]What makes you want to come to Hawaii. I grew up here. when to school in NYC. worked there for 5 years before comming home. Do you want my advise? Yes, what's nursing like there/

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