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advice on cna jobs in honolulu

  1. 0 Aloha, I am currently looking for a CNA job and would like to know which places people reccommend to work at?
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    What kind of work are you interested in? Start submitting applications everywhere.. but do you like facility type work or caregiver/home?
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    I would like to work anywhere!
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    Where are some places you'd recommend to work at that has a moderately enjoyable work environment for a new CNA.
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    wilson home care is hiring CNA's - i had an interview last week, but cancelled because i really want to find RN work, not CNA.

    but i know for a fact they're actively hiring now, on oahu.

    they pay $10/hr, and if you don't have experience they'll train you.
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    I talked to them; they said they do not train you.
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    Attention Plus is always hiring. The do a skills check with you that will determine what level of care you can provide. They do train though for skills.

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