Advice for a local boy returning to the islands

  1. Hey island nurses, I've been on the mainland waaaaay to long and I'm thinking of coming back to Oahu where I grew up. My whole family is still back there but I don't know anything about the nursing scene on Oahu or how it compares to the mainland. I have no idea which hospitals are better, which agencies are better or the general climate of nursing over there. I'd like to do registry for awhile before landing something more permanent. I got my degree in Southern Cal where it can get pretty intense in some of the big hospitals I've worked at. I'm done with that scene and I miss the laid-back island attitude. That being said, anybody have any advice for someone like me who's looking for a more casual, laid back environment? Thanks -Lance
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  3. by   thekid
    Oahu has changed a lot..can you live with family when you are here? (i'm on big island but used to live oahu diamond side
  4. by   nedrager
    Yes, part of the reason I want to go back is that my family can hook me up with a place to stay and a car for free until I get my feet on the ground.
  5. by   mcubed45
    well there's somewhat of a nursing surplus atm so it may be a bit difficult finding a job even with experience if you don't already have contacts locally. a lot of our new grads are moving to the mainland for this very reason.
  6. by   thekid
    Lance, check on craigslist as I almost always see postings for agency nurses..good luck and aloha!
  7. by   HawaiiRN808
    Congrats on the decision to move back home. I was once in your situation. I am also a local growing up on the North Shore and attended UH Manoa. I eventually moved to the mainland and worked in various hospitals for over 8 years. I finally decided to move back home in 2006.
    It sounds as if you want to work at a "laid back" hospital so Queen's would be out of the question. Working registry/agency right now is kind of sketchy. You will be canceled a lot due to hospitals trying to save costs and not use agency. Depending on your specialty, you could find work as agency if you were versatile and didn't care where you worked. The pay is usually a little better as agency and some agencies offer medical if you work the required hours. Here are the names of the agency if you're interested: NurseFinders, Specialized Nursing Services, Kahu Malama, Critical Nursing Services, Island Nurses, Altres Medical, and there are other smaller ones which I do not care to mention.
    If you're interested in working on a Telemetry Unit, I could hook you up in a heart beat, as long as you have the necessary skills and experience. Good luck on your decision!

  8. by   CaliToHawaiiRN
    HawaiiRN808: What kind of experience do you need for Tele at your hospital? I know I may be a new grad who just got my RN license, but I did my entire senior year of rotations (6 months total) in Tele/step down ICU and I just got my ACLS cert. My senior preceptorship, I worked 12's (ALL night shifts-7pm to 7:30am) while finishing up my last semester FULL-TIME during the day (13 units). I never got ANY sleep, but I did it and got a lot praises and recognition from the nurses I worked with during my preceptorship for a job well done. I desperately need a job in Hawaii, so any insight would be greatly appreciated! I don't want to live in the mainland even though others are saying I'm better off there. Please help...Mahalo!