Which hospital would you get a good chance to go into ER directly?

  1. Hello everyone,I am considering applying to the navy nurses corp program after I graduate in 2015. I will have roughly 10 years of EMS experience by the time I graduate (started in high school). Will be in mid 20s when I get out.
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  3. by   jkesler
    It really is going to depend on where you are stationed. If I understand your question correctly you want to join the Navy Nurse Corp and work in an ER in the Navy. To do that you will need to be assigned to a location that has an active ER department. Walter Reed Medical Center/Joint Naval Army base in the Washington DC area and Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego CA are both very active and have fairly robust ER departments. Walter Reed is part of a Level 1 trauma system in the DC area. There are some smaller but active bases in Everret WA, and on the East Coast

    You should talk to your navy recruiter and/or other navy personnel to find out other active places.
  4. by   jeckrn
    From what other posters have stated as a new nurse you will have to do the Navy's new nurse program (ntp) before you go to a specialty area. As a RN with 15+ years with most of it in the ED you will be a better ER nurse with 1-2 years of med-surg experience even with your EMS background.