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    Has anyone utilized VANEEP? I am currently doing my pre-reqs for entering the RN program in the spring. It's really strange @ the VA that I work at. There dosen't seem to be many people taking advantage of such an awesome program! I'm just praying that the funding holds out long enough for me to get enrolled!

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    I am also looking into Vaneep..What RN program are you applying for and how long is your course of study.Do you have feb. 1st deadline? Thanks Deb
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    I am in Research at the VA in West Los Angeles & was planning on using the VANEEP program. I have been working on my prereqs for nearly 2 years, but the Nursing Ed office here (who I've met with quite a few times) just told me yesterday that I am not eligible for the program since I (and all researchers here) are term employees. The printed info says any VA employee who has worked for at least a year fulltime. Does anyone have any other info that can help me?
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    I was beginning to think that I was the only person utilizing the VANEEP program. I posted this question a few times this month and have not received any responses. I am due to start nursing school in September and am in the process of completing the paper work for the funding. My program of study is 24 months long. I am amazed at how few people know about this program and even fewer that take advantage of it.

    What VISN/region do you guys work in? Are you pursuing a AD/BSN? How long have you been with the VA? Do you know of anyone at your facility who has used the program?
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    I'm with VISN 22 in Los Angeles. They do put a fair number of people thru the program at this VA, but I know another VA Nursing Ed director who had no idea how the program worked. I've been with this VA 29 years, but in Research we are not Permanent employees, so I am told (now, after 2 years of work on prereqs) that I am not eligible! I hope to go to either a Master's Entry level program or an ADN program here in LA if the VA decides I can do the program.
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    Hi my name is Terry and I am an LPN in VISN 6, I have been with the VANEEP program for a year and will be graduating in May 09. The program is a great program and you are right not a lot of people take advantage. I think it's because of the time you have to pay back once you graduate. It has been great just going to school and still earning a paycheck. I took 1 year to finish my pre-requisites while working full time. That was difficult. The center for all the information is in New Orleans. That is where the program coordinator and the approval comes for you to be selected. There is a form as well as instructions on the Department of Veterans Affairs website. Just search VANEEP and it will give you the information to start the process. Keep your head high. This is a great opportunity.
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    It was good to hear from someone in the program. Is your service time 3 years? I also heard that it is possible to switch to a different VA do part of the service time if you move. Do you know anything about that?
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    My service payback time is 3 years. You cannot transfer to any other VA you must serve your time in that particular VA. You can however transfer throughout the facility that you are at. I am doing an LPN-BSN at Hampton University. I can't wait to get done.
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    I am from VISN 1 in Connecticut. I am due to seal my application, for the VANEEP program, with a kiss next Tuesday. I am so excited to know that people actually have positive experiences with this. There are a few people at my hospital that are about to finish nursing school and only a small fraction decided to use the program. Some had such negative things to say. Namely the amount of time that you have to give back. I think 3 years (the amount of time I will owe) is a small price to pay for full tuition and my current pay.

    Does anyone know how long it takes for the national office to approve you? I seriously hope I don't have to wait as long as I did for the acceptance letter from my school.
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    Oh yeah, one other thing. My education coordinator told me that I can not switch schools. However, once I complete my education, I can switch hospitals if I so choose.
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