VAMC nurses- any experience with union?

  1. I work at at VA hospital and am a member of the union.
    I haven't been overly impressed with our union representation.
    It seems to me they side with management and actually seem to represent them instead
    of us.

    If anyone is a member or rep for AFGE can you answer this question?
    Is it kosher for my NM to give certain employees their schedule based on their child custody arrangements; yet deny the requests of employees that have seniority?


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  3. by   krwrnbsn
    No, it is not. Do you have your handbook? You need to look in there and gather the pertinent information. Actually, the union should assist you with this. But take it upon yourself and then go see straight to the union.
  4. by   ChristineAdrianaRN
    I joined AFGE during new employee orientation a couple months back because they sucked me in with their marketing spiel. I didn't realize all the perks they were advertising - their life insurance and discounts - weren't actually special. The discounts are for all government employees and their life insurance is apparently not as good as other independent companies (though it does sound better than what VAMC offers). I have heard nothing but bad things from established employees regarding them not being good representatives. I'm backing out of it as soon as I'm able.