VA tentative offer?

  1. Hello all,
    I applied for an LPN position at the VA and had an interview on September 29th, that seemed to go well. On October 18th, I was offered a tentative offer of employment. They checked my professional references, I signed up with Eqip, and completed all paperwork. On October 19th, I was enrolled in VetPro and I completed it on the 23rd. On the morning of the 26th, I received an e-mail stating none of my peer references had responded, so I contacted them all. Several were at work and unable to get to a computer or fax until later in the day. That afternoon, I received an e-mail stating one of my references had responded and my VetPro was complete. I e-mailed him back and stated "thank you, I hope that is a good thing" and didn't hear back. On Monday (30th), I e-mailed the HR recruiter and asked how long it typically took to hear from health services to schedule the physical. She hasn't e-mailed me back either.
    What are the chances that I didn't "pass" VetPro, or that they have decided to rescind the offer and I just haven't been notified? I don't know anyone working at the VA, and everyone's process seems so different. Could someone give me some words of advice, or let me know your experience? I am just nervous that I may have somehow blown it.
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  3. by   pfchang
    Be patient. Usually when you get to the point you're at, things will move forward. It can take several months. I'm not saying it will, but it can. Your steps have moved pretty quickly but just hang in there.
  4. by   roman7208
    pfchang is absolutely correct. I am presently a VA nurse. The hiring process is very long and can take up to months. So please very patient with the process.
  5. by   CRCollins515
    Thank you. I spoke to the HR recruiter last week who said my file was in front of the board to determine rate of pay and that I should get a firm offer within the next week or two. I still haven't been contacted for the physical and fingerprints, which I'm told was supposed to be completed within the first 2 weeks after the tentative offer. I'm just nervous, especially with the unstable work environment I am currently in.
  6. by   katydidit1964
    Just keep in mind that you can resubmit to the board if you feel the offer is not high enough. Also talking with nurse manager and he once offer is made will help understand the boarding process