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VA ICUs- How critical?

  1. 1 Hi everyone! I'm currently work in critical care in the private sector, however, not in a trauma center. I'm curious "how critical" the patients in ICUs in a VA hospital are, I guess in reference to technologies used, patient ratios, etc, as I have seen posts on AN that the VA tends to move slower than the private sector. Any experiences from nurses that have worked in a VA ICU would be greatly appreciated!
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    How "critical" will depend on the VA. Some are like the one I worked in which was a glorified step down unit, others are full blown ICU' s. Staff etc. will also vary by which VA you work at.
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    Some are a weird combo of stepdown and real-ICU. Fresh open hearts and an IABP in a SICU, vented/sedated/paralyzed patients on 3 vasoactives in the MICU... or walky talky POD6 rehabs in SICU and >6L/hr O2 in the MICU.
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    Is it a teaching hospital with interns and residents? If so the pts will be very sick. Of course at the VA I worked in we never had enough staff, every day 3:1 assignments, so we just took to answering the phone "casual care unit, how may I help you?".
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    Thank you everyone for all the information. The VA I'm interested in is indeed a teaching hospital so hopefully that means more opportunities to learn and care for the critically ill veterans. I'm interested to hear more about others' experiences!