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Hello Allnurses, From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse recruiter... Read More

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    I was called for an interveiw in mid a call the next week said I scored high. The next part of the PROCESS was fingerprinting vetpro and physical...That was 7 weeks ago and i have not heard anything...I am freaking out! Do they send an email if you are no longer being considered? Any suggestions? The position is for an LPN in long term care...I have 18yrs experience. I did speak to nsg recruiter 3 wks ago said Vetpro not completed.

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    So my wife had a phone interview 3 and a half weeks ago and she has not heard anything. Finally she called and left a message with the person who set up the interview but could only leave a VM and that was 2 days ago without a response yet. Is it a good or bad sign that she has not heard anything one way or another. I would think that if she was not selected, she would know right away but then again this is the government so the waiting continues.
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    Quote from marriedtoRN
    this is the government so the waiting continues.
    Exactly this. It's almost like they're testing your patience. And they redefine the meaning of slow.
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    I applied for the VA in TN in July. Got a call for an interview the first week of August. Received a call 3 days later saying i had a tentative offer and had to do the whole process with vetpro and eqip and fingerprinting, physical.... I was sent a link for the vetpro and eqip 2 days later so that i could go ahead and start that process. I did that. A week later they called and asked to set up and time for fingerprinting and physical. Well the NP couldn't see me until September 5th, so of course i had to wait until then..... upon going and getting my physical and fingerprinting they let me see a sheet of things needing to be completed. It showed everything completed. the only thing i'm waiting on now is my drug test which was done on the same day as physical and fingerprinting. She said it could take a week for the results of that to get back...which would have been yesterday! I know for sure that all my Vetpro things are done. I'm not sure as far as the eqip site as i can't log back in for some reason. i do know that they sent a letter to my references from eqip and verified residency.... the process is LONG!!!!!! The NP that did my physical did say if i had everything done by that date (Sept 5) that I should be able to orient sometime at the beginning of October..... whoever would'be known the process is so long... i've had lots of patience... that's the only way to be tho! I am hoping I hear something soon.... hopefully my process is complete! just waiting to hear from them!!! fingers are crossed! i am ready to start working as i am a new GRAD!
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    I applied at our local VA nursing home last week, interviewed Wed this week, hired today, drug test tomorrow and start Oct 1. I was surprised how fast the process actually was.
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    Took me three months from interview to start date, but then again I had 25 years experience and multiple state licenses they had to verify. =) It's a long process, that's for sure!
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    I FINALLY got a calll from the VA I get to start orientation next month on Oct 9th. Whew what a long process! I was offered the job on August 7th. Hoping that I love the Work environment there.

    VA in Tennessee
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    Hello everyone. And thank you all for all the info youve provided, finding this website put the biggest smile on my face! Questions.... i have an interview at a va hospital in NC coming up for a cna position, can anyone tell me what to expect? What is the dress code? I have a nose piercing, will they require me to remove it if hired? Do they reimburse for relocation expenses? Im so excited just to have been chosen for an interview!! Any attmept to answer my questions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Quote from punkhardcoreRN
    [I]"From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse recruiter and my application status for two posting says "referred to selecting official." The VA closest to my home, I can't get through to the recruiter, she emailed me back once and the status of all the apps just says "application received." I do know a nurse practitioner that works at this VA site and she tried to give my resume to the recruiter, but I had to apply online. For those of you that are familiar with the hiring process, any idea what the next step is. In all there are around 20 RN vacancies. The two systems have two completely different online application submissions, how will I know if I've completed the application process correctly, its a little confusing I've been applying since I've graduated and earlier this year I...................... Plus I found out if the nurse recruiter is interested in YOU as a candidate, they will allow for documents to be sent in AFTER the close date. No, I do not have a mom/dad/sister/bro who works at VA or know anyone, I just connected really well with the Recruiter and my manager. Good Luck!
    does this mean they will allow you to begin working before processing the background check etc?

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