usajobs website not convenient for applying for jobs

  1. The USAJOBS website is suppose to make it convenient and easy for applicants to apply to open positions, but the area to upload the required documents won't transfer anything larger than 2MB!! For example: the application for Nurses and Nurse Anesthetists (va form 10-2850a) is about 1MB large when it's blank. Once it's filled in, it becomes as large as 7MB in pdf form!! How the heck is someone suppose to upload that?? I mean really? I called and spoke to the recruiter and she told me that I needed to scan everything and make it into one file. Well, I did that and it STILL is too big. Does anyone have a solution to what I obviously am doing wrong so I can get this application submitted before the closing period without using snail mail??? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   deemo21
    When you scan it you need to reduce the resolution and it will be saved as a smaller file. It will not be as clear to read, but it will be smaller.
  4. by   finallyRN7
    OMGness......thanks SO much! That was a tremendous help!! This has been my first experience with scanning....and now I know how! Thanks again!