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hello everyone, got a question. when applying for the 2012 nurse corp selection boards, are all the applicants all over the country competing with eachother or do you compete with just your region? i was told there were only... Read More

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    As far as I have heard everyone has to go through the selection board.. I am prior active duty also and have to do the same as someone with no prior service. Good luck!

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    As I am also Prior service, It is a consideration when going to boards. Considering you already know curtsy and procedures and core values. Good luck.....
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    Hey RN4Life2,

    How is everything coming along for your upcoming COT date? Have you done all of your shopping and task needed? I know you're probably getting super excited!
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    I am getting excited but I do not have my orders yet, should come in this week. I have not gotten my uniforms yet but that should happen in several weeks. Otherwise, bring it on!!!!! COT or bust!!!! he he, I'll keep everyone updated. Thanks for asking.
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    Congratulations on everything! And best of wishes for you at COT. I was just curious about your commissioning ceremony. Where did you have it and what did you wear? I know, such girl questions......but what can I say?! LOL. I'm sure that you must have tons to do to get ready for COT. I can't wait to read about your adventures.
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    I know you are getting excited, RN4Life2. Even though I don't go until August, I'm getting excited too along with a lot of other emotions. I'm still waiting on my security clearance to come back. Did it take long for your clearance to come back? I can't proceed any further until my clearance comes back. In the meantime just working on things that I can like passports, exercise, medical/dental clearance, etc. Next month I'll really start cleaning and sorting through things. I can't wait to read your post when you update your experiences.
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    I have not gotten word on my clearance but I was commissioned with knowing that if they are not giving me clearance then I have to give up my commission. I may not know about my clearance until I get my security briefing. That's how it was with enlisted. Are you waiting on congress to OK you? It has to pass both the reserve and active duty for congretional aproval. It's really just a formality that takes for ever.
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    I feel I am so far behind!! Lol. I wish I could be a fly on the wall during the board selections tomorrow.. I so want to be joining u all this August.
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    Hi RN4Life2,I guess my recruiter is not doing it like that. She said I have to wait on my security clearance before actually commissioning. Do you know when you do you security briefing? I'm not even sure if I am also waiting on Congress. She didn't say anything about that.
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    Officership can only be approved by congress because we are appointed by congress to lead, therefore there is a period called "scroll" when we wait for congress to approve it's new officers. This is regardless of career. Scroll can take up to 3-4 months. I received my reserve approval within a month and my active approval two weeks latter then commissioned the next week. As with security clearance, I am not sure if there is a difference between prior-enlisted and non-prior. This could be the discrepancy, otherwise the process is standardized and by the book. You have plenty of time though and I would not sweat it. As with the security briefing with enlisted, it was with in-prosessing at the first base. Relax..... everything will happen in their time.

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