Questions on becoming a nurse in the Air Force

  1. Hi,
    I am planning to apply for COT either in December or January but I am terrified of not being accepted. I wanted to join the Air Force after I graduated high school in 2009 but I chickened out because I wanted to be a nurse and most of the people I talked to had a hard time being enlisted and doing clinical so I went to school instead. Now that I am in my junior year, that desire to join has not gone away and all I can think about is I want to be a nurse in the Air Force. I have done so much research it is ridiculous but there are still some questions that I had. I know the basic requirements to join and most of the process, but what exactly are they looking for in applicants?

    What are my chances of being selected? I graduate December 2014 with my BSN. Currently my GPA is not the best but I am confident that I will meet the 3.0 GPA requirement and I am already working on the physical portion so that I can be in great shape before then. With one of the main core values excellence in all we do, the biggest things that I am worried about are GPA and work history/experience. Is there anything that I can do to offset a low GPA? What kind of experience or certifications would be good to have? What are some things that I can do so that I stand out and make them want to pick me? If selected as an alternate, what are the chances of going to COT? How long are you placed on an alternate list? How many times can you reapply for COT?

    How do the waivers work? I am not married and have a 1 year old daughter and when I spoke to a recruiter they told me this would not be a problem I would just have to fill out a waiver. Same with my knee, I had knee surgery in 2005 but it was so minor I wasn't even required to go to rehab for it. My doctor has not placed me on any restrictions because of it and to this date I have no problems with it. Will having a daughter and a past surgery hurt my chances?

    Can you tell me some of your past or current experiences?

    Thanks in advance, I know I have a ton of questions and appreciate all the help! J
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  3. by   nurse2033
    It is competitive right now to be a military nurse. You can't really offset your GPA because you will be competing with people who don't need to offset their GPA. This is not to discourage you, but your GPA is what it is. If you had one particular course that dragged you down you could, of course, retake it. The biggest hurdle you will face is experience. You need professional nursing experience. Obviously that will have to wait until you can get a job. What I would suggest is maximize your GPA, volunteer, and stay fit. Apply next year as your graduation approaches. You won't be eligible until you get your degree so don't apply too soon. Then get a job. It can take a long time to get your application processed so you might have a year or more of experience by the time you enter. Also, be able to present a solid child care plan. As for your knee, if you can pass the PT test I wouldn't think it would be a problem. Good luck. (BTW you don't apply to COT, you apply to the AF and they send you to COT).
  4. by   kstewar5
    I was afraid of that but I definitely understand. There is only one class that I am eligible to retake and I am in it now and doing a lot better than last time but what hurt me most was having a lot of B's and I can't retake those. If things don't work out would it be better to work while getting my masters first then try again? As for childcare her dad will be here and I have a list of other people that said they wouldn't mind helping. Thanks for replying
  5. by   EllTee2B
    When you say GPA which is that referring to? Is the cumulative GPA counted or is it specifically nursing core classes that count? Thanks!
  6. by   kstewar5
    I was told it was your cumulative GPA.
  7. by   EllTee2B
    I'm guessing a recruiter told you this. Is that correct?
  8. by   kstewar5
    That is correct.
  9. by   EllTee2B
    Thank you for the reply