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Post BSN Graduation joining

  1. 0 I'm entering my senior year of nursing(BSN program). Military nursing interests me but I am not 100% sure. I have read a lot about entering post graduation, but still have several reserves. Basically what I am asking is my chances of entering any branch post graduation and post nclex passing
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    It is very competitive right now but your chances are as good as any other new grad as long as you meet the standards. You need to speak with a health care recruiter from each of the services (Army, Air Force, Navy) to see which one would be the right fit for you. Do not go to the local recruiter since they are enlisted recruiters and you want a officer recruiter. You can find the contact info for each service by doing a web search. The Armys is
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    Low. Just talked to an AMEDD recruiter with updated info and they are wanting at least 2 years experience minimum. ROTC is the best route for a brand new nurse but obviously that isn't an option for you anymore since you are graduating.