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  1. Hello to all,

    I'm in the process of making a very important decision and would love some feedbacks. I don't mean to share to much before I get to my point but here's a little bit about myself. I am currently an ER nurse for almost 2 years now. My long term goal is to become a navy nurse and I'm looking at it for long term/retirement. I almost joined the military after high school and have been thinking about it since. So I am very sure this is what I want to do with my future. I would love to join my nursing career and the military to fulfill my dreams of serving my country, traveling, and getting great medical experience/training. My questions to all of you, especially those with military experience:

    How is it being a spouse in the military as a male?

    I'm currently 28yrs, no children in a long-term relationship. He's 39 and no has no desire to join the service but is willing to support me. My concern about how he would adjust and pursue his own goals. He did very well in construction before the economy crashed. His goals are to pursue real-estate ... own a few apartmentsto rent and also start a new career as an accountant which will take him approx. 4yrs of school. I think the military can benefit both of us or at least wont hinder his goals.

    Is it crazy to think this can work as married couples in the millitary?

    Also, giving our age, we would both like to start a family . He's in no rush but I would only want to wait 2-3 yrs. I spoke with a recruiter for the office program and got all the information I need. I know traveling/deployment is part of the military. The traveling is exciting to me and don't thinkit would be a problem for both of us even with kids; giving the fact that your spouse will be able travel to your assignments. I know of a several single people in the millitary but only 1 couple with kids and things are great for them. But there both in the service.

    However, I have no children at the moment so I would like to hear from those of you with children?

    I am starting class next month towards my bsn, so I have ayear to research this matter through! Please help and share your inputs. ThanksJ
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  3. by   athena55
    I believe sometimes it is hard to be a spouse in the military: Think of it this way, you are on call 24/7, you go to training (TDY or Temporary Duty) - depending upon the course, two weeks to 3.5 months, you may get deployed, you will move or PCS (permanent change of station) every 2-3 years, you will be voluntold to be on this or that committee....and your spouse is left to keep things running in your absence.
    It seems that you two have talked about. Good. Keep the lines of communication open, good luck with your undergraduate degree!
    Keep us posted on your progress, smile.
  4. by   NursePamela
    If he said he was willing to support your desire to join the military and it is a dream of yours - then go for it!
  5. by   lkedmond1
    Thank you all for the feedbacks. Lately, God has given me few opportunities to help guide me. A couple weeks ago, one of my patient's
    son just got married and his wife is a pharmacist in the navy. I was told they've been dating for 3 yrs and she's been military for 6 and he is not millitary. So, its somewhat similar situation if i join. I was refershing to know it's possible. In the same week, I had
    a nursing student I was training and found out her school is paid for by the military. She's also been in the Airforce for 6 years,
    though she was not married but she had a child during her service. I will be learning more and more each day. I am definetely motivated and cant wait to get my bsn. I will definetly go for it and serve at least 1 term, if its hard family life then I may not stay still
    retirement but I at least wont be wondering what if....