One Year in the Army Nurse Corps, DNA x 3, and Tinfoil Lining in my Patrol Cap - page 2

In March I hit my one-year-in mark. Hooray! How are things going, you ask? Overall, not bad. I still work a lot of hours, and it's still probably too much (in others' opinions). The difference is that I have one employer instead... Read More

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    Quote from evilobster
    a.) sounds just like the military
    b.)like you angered someone that was handling your sample...
    I thought the same thing, too! LOL. But the first one made it all the way to AFIP, and I don't know them.

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    Quote from LunahRN
    TARFU = "totally and royally fouled up," or "things are really fouled up."

    Still love using F-U-B-A-R. Hey, it could be "fouled"! Hahaha.
    Then again, there's always BOHICA.
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    From an ex-soldier to another.....Hooah!!!!

    Btw, I'm an ex soldier because I dont like living off a duffel bag, no porcelain toilets, no regular showers, standng in line to eat, and no king size beds. Lol.
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    Quote from CrufflerJJ
    Then again, there's always BOHICA.
    Hahaha... to which I always say, "BYOK." Ya know ... bring your own KY.
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    Quote from TheMediaLies
    Btw, I'm an ex soldier because I dont like living off a duffel bag
    Thank you for your service! Side note ... I fit in a duffel bag.
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    Quote from LunahRN
    Side note ... I fit in a duffel bag.

    I fit in a deuce and a half.
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    Quote from LunahRN
    Thank you for your service! Side note ... I fit in a duffel bag.
    Haha! Me too! And HOOAH because here comes that PT Test! (BOHICA?)
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    Yeah, I'm taking my APFT on Monday. Woo! Hope I do okay ... I've been slacking on my PT since being very sick in February and March (stupid viral cough that would NOT go away for 5+ weeks, had to endure jokes about pertussis and kennel cough, hahaha).
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    Aww, that's no fun. I was going to take mine a few weeks back but ended up getting sick (and actually spiking a bona fide fever!) the night before I was supposed to take it. Hopefully you're off this weekend and can get some decent Army sleep?
    (Upon review, I believe the last 3 words of the above sentence are actually a contradiction in terms...)
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    I'm on call for SANE on Saturday, but I'm off Sunday, thank goodness! I should be able to get some rest.

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