Obtaining a VA position

  1. Over the last few years I have applied to several VA job openings, all with no positive turnout. I would consider it an honor to be employed by the VA but it seems certain to me that there are not enough open positions. If anyone has any good advice/thoughts on how to get hired, please post here.
    I am an LPN with 18 years experience working acute and LTC. I am seeking a position in NE Ohio/western PA.
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  3. by   wife&mommyRN

    I'm sorry to hear you are having such difficulty getting into the VA. I can only give u experience from my VA. My advice would be to apply to any opening the VA has. It took me two years to get into the VA after endless apps and stalking nurse recruiters. In my experience in working for the VA, its not what you know, its who u know and that is the way my facility runs. I ran into the the right person that works for the VA at the right time. Ive even seen people that know the right people and they dont even have to interview for a position. I love working at the VA, but the system itself is VERY difficult to get used to. People get in the VA and they stay until retirement because it is an overall great place to work. In my facility the LPNs complain that they make closer to what the NAs make whereas the RNs make much more than the civilian hospitals. Ive seen people hire in for a position and less than 90 days they are into positions they really want. I think that has alot to do with the job satisfaction @ the VA they don't force you to stay in positions you arent happy in. Whereas most civilian hospitals require a minimum of 1 year by that time the job u really wanted has came and gone. I hope that helps
  4. by   Marshall1
    Keep checking usajobs.gov and if you are open to relocating look at other places to work/live than just the Ohio/Pa area. Make SURE whatever is asked in the ad as far as submission you do..if not, your application will be rejected w/o anyone seeing it. I, as the other poster, went through the process of getting hired for the VA. Mine was not in a hospital setting but a clinic. I applied in Nov, interviewed in Dec, offered position in Jan and after all the stuff that is required after the job opening I started in March. However, for me, at least in the clinic setting, did not work - for a variety of reasons. I resigned after 5 months and am returning to the hospital setting.
  5. by   VACallCenterRN
    My process is actually been fairly quick compared to others.... HOWEVER... I did apply to ALL positions available. It was very easy to do so after the first application if you save everything to your computer... I actually ended up getting the floor and everything I wanted (really weird) I just look at it as a blessing for me after hearing everyone else's struggle to get in. My process will take about two months total before I am able to start but I think it will be worth it bc of all the great things I've heard.... Good luck to you!!!!