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Hi there, I've been a nurse since 2010 and graduated from University of Portland, Oregon. I worked in mental health and with the red cross for a year before applying for the Navy. 13 mos later I found myself at Officer... Read More

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    It's a decision well made carolinakate88. I have family that was in the navy, too! My name is Elise, hopefully we will meet in Newport!

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    Hey Sweet88pea and other Navy nurses I have a couple questions about direct assencion into the navy nurse corps and how long our application had taken before you recieved word back and what not.. any response is helpful. Thanks!

    Here's a little background first. I graduated in May 12' with my BSN and currently work at an ambulatory clinic. I knew the process to join the navy was long so I went right into work and decided to apply in June. I contacted the officer recruiter (in June) and have sent off my scroll and done the security screen but feel as if I'm at a stand still right now. I live in a remote part of Alaska so I'm having to fax everything and have it mailed and so forth. I was chosen to go on the MED VIP trip to do my interviews in 2 weeks but couldn't get the time off and have yet to have my officer interviews set up. I know they do boards starting in August and I'm a little panicky since there is still stuff I haven't completed yet.

    I heard that it is super competitive to get in as well and just wanted to know if your application process also took months to complete. When it was all said and done, when did you find out that you were picked for ODS? Sorry about the long windedness but only being able to talk to my recruiter via email and telephone make things just a little more difficult and I wanted to hear from someone who has already gone through the process. Thanks so much!
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    navyRN1790 No worries about the questions-everyone has lots, that's why I started this. I would move your HHG before you leave for ODS. You have a lot going on once you are in and it's nice to already have this taken care of. I had mine shipped and then they will put it in storage until you find a place. Then you just call and schedule it to be delivered. You will have time to stop in New Jersey for a night-Friday. The '10 days of leave' from RI to VA is earned leave-leave you haven't even earned yet. I do not recommend using is unless you really need to.
    It is not a bad idea to bring your own bedding to ODS. I did.
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    It is your responsibility to maintain one, active nursing license (from any state) while in the Navy. Don't let it expire.
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    There is no reason you can't complete your interviews over the phone. Just schedule them this week. Do you have your letters of rec and physical completed? Ask your recruiter to set you up for success and turn in your packet in time for the boards-or you will have to wait another year.

    My application took months and it actually took me 2.5 years to come in. I decided I wanted to join in September-just after the boards met so I had to wait a year to even submit my packet. Once you are in, you will then receive your orders which state where your assignment is and when you should arrive and when you should go to ODS. I was selected in September and received orders in December. I left for ODS in February.

    Keep the questions coming. Bust out the rest of your packet this week! Having prior nursing experience will help you out. Go Navy!
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    I just sent in my HHG shipment application and the required paperwork in and they are scheduled to pick up my stuff before i leave for ODS. Hopefully that is officially squared away.

    I contacted the sponsor command in portsmouth via e-mail on who I am and when I am expected to arrive and they said they would give me a sponsor later on. Should I call them and touch base or wait?
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    NavyRN1790 & carolinakate88,

    I'm also going to sept ODS and will be relocating to portsmouth after as well! Glad i wont be alone. I have been researching some of the same living situations as you have. I've been told to stay away from living directly in portsmouth and to look into ghent or suffolk. So will hopefully be loking into the ghent/norfolk area with whoever i hopefully meet at ODS.
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    Woohoo! Can't wait to meet you! NavyRN1790 how in the world did you get your HHG set up? I have had the hardest time figuring out the online deal and when I called for help it was a short road to nowhere. I have a feeling they're going to have to come pack me after I leave, I'm a little behind in the game and just got the information on Wednesday when I swore in.
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    robsrn888 looking forward to meeting you soon! NavyRN1790 how in the world did you figure out the HHG deal? I feel a little late in the game and just swore in on Wednesday. But that's also the first time I saw hard copies of my orders and got information about moving my belongings. I tried registering for the dps site but I feel like I'm just on a short road to nowhere with vague instructions.
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    Wow. Struggle bus. I didn't think that first post went through!

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