New Navy Nurse Candidate Program grad at Camp Lejeune!

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    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Alex and I am a newly-commissioned Navy nurse being assigned to Camp Lejeune in October after I complete Officer Development School.

    It seems as though all of the other Navy Nurse Candidate Program 2012 grads are there are no threads connecting any of us! Let's fix this!
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    I am not in the Navy Nurse Candidate program, but just came from the Camp Lejeune area earlier today (Topsail island). It is a pretty nice area! Congratulations on graduating and good luck on your future endeavors!
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    Hi Alex! I'm Devon, also going to ODS in sept! Congrats on camp Lejune! I got 29 palms, california. Definitely shocked me at first, pretty sure I went through the 4 stages of grief, finally starting to accept it haha. Gomez said I am the only NCP grad stationed out there which makes me even more nervous!
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    Hi Devon!

    That's great about ODS in September...we'll be going together!

    Was 29 Palms on your duty preference sheet or did you just get assigned there? Where would you have liked to have gone?

    Don't worry about being the only're going to do great and have tons of support!!!

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    Hi Alex!

    I recently was commissioned in June as a Navy Nurse and will be attending ODS in September as well. I am assigned Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. I am a new graduate, went to Drexel University in Philly for my BSN. Where did you go to Nursing school? I am so happy to finally talk to someone who will be going to ODS, woot woot!! GO NAVY!!
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    Alex- thanks for the reassurance!! That's what I love and am looking forward to about being in the Navy is that everyone is so close and supportive! San Diego was my first choice,Bethesda was 2nd, then Portsmouth. Originally I was supposed to go to Bethesda until a few weeks ago my orders changed! I never even heard of 29 palms! Lol but I am excited I know it's going to be a great experience regardless of where I am!

    Navyrn, what's ur name? Glad we are all going to ODS together!!
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    dcassidy12- My name is elise and yes!! super excited I kind of have a clue of who I might know at ODS.

    My top 3 choices were San Diego, Camp Pendleton, and Bremerton. None of them were available unfortunately, but I am happy to be in the Navy supporting my country. Regardless of where I am I will have a positive attitude and have fun with it hopefully meeting awesome people along the way. Where did you go to nursing school?
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    Just wondering when you guys found out your duty assignments? The site says 3-4 months prior to graduation I think. Don't graduate until December but I'm dying to find out where I'll be!
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    linnaete- i found out late april. I graduated in June.
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    Seems about 2 months is the average. Thanks!

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