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New Navy Nurse Candidate Program grad at Camp Lejeune! - page 3

Hi Everyone! My name is Alex and I am a newly-commissioned Navy nurse being assigned to Camp Lejeune in October after I complete Officer Development School. It seems as though all of the other... Read More

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    Hi Melissa! I'm Devon, congrats on finally getting orders! Better late than never I guess right?? Lol, it's going to be okay, if your worried about not being prepared by Saturday I would say don't stress out too much, even though you just got orders, we're all pretty much in the same boat. I feel like even though I've had my orders for over a month I'm still scrambling around trying to figure what I need to do and what to bring and everything! Just take a deep breath, enjoy your last few nights home, bring everything on the ODS checklist and it will be fine!

    I think it's a great idea for us all to meet up on Saturday! My number is 201 919 3998, feel free to text or call me as well. Can't wait to meet everyone!
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    I would love to hear about your experiences.. Im at NYU and finish up with school in Decemeber and was tentatively told Im going to San Diego.

    mpaul87- If you wouldnt mind I want to hear how the first couple weeks are at San Diego.

    Congrats on completing ODS to those who went in September!