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Hi Everyone! My name is Alex and I am a newly-commissioned Navy nurse being assigned to Camp Lejeune in October after I complete Officer Development School. It seems as though all of the other... Read More

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    Oh nice! Where in NJ are you from? What is the app called? My sophomore year of college I did NROTC to see if the military was right for me. Fortunately I have a lot of the uniform items that we need so I am going to bring those with me. I remember ranks but I probably need a serious brush up on everything else. We will purchase sweatshirts and pants so I don't think you will need to wear clothes underneath. Make sure you bring 3-4 PCA (proper civilian attire) to wear when we have liberty. NO SHORTS. I brought dress capris and dress shirts. Definitely bring a good pair of running sneakers and walking shoes that go with the PCA. The ODS website says to bring the following:

    Required Items To Bring:
    You will be issued all necessary uniform items upon arrival at ODS. You will also receive a clothing allowance of $400.00. Below are the items needed to begin training and estimates for how much of each you will require.
    _ T-Shirts (white, crew neck) – 8 each
    _ Underwear, Briefs – 10 pair
    * boxer briefs boxer shorts/regular
    _ Athletic Socks (white) – 10 pair –
    (Any type and length)
    _ Towel – 2 each
    _ Washcloth – 2 each
    _ Black dress socks – 7-8 pairs
    _ T-Shirts (white, crew neck) – 8 each
    _ Underwear, Briefs– 10 *basic underwear
    * underwear should be white or a neutral color. Avoid patterns, fashionable or shear underwear. It should be functional wear for activities from classroom study to working out.
    _ Athletic Socks (white) – 10 pair
    (any type and length)
    _ Towel – 2 each
    _ Washcloth – 2 each
    _ Brassiere/Sports Bras
    _ Swimsuit, one piece conservative
    (Black/Navy Blue)
    _ Black dress socks – 7-8 pair
    Personal Toiletries Personal Toiletries
    _ Basic Items Only
    _ Shaving gear (no electric shavers)
    _ Toothbrush/paste and floss
    _ Deodorant
    _ Soap/Shampoo
    _ Nail Clippers
    _ Shower shoes
    _ White mesh laundry bag
    _ Feminine Hygiene Products
    _ Toothbrush/paste and floss
    _ Deodorant
    _ Soap/Shampoo
    _ Nail Clippers
    No Make-up or hair products (gel/mousse/hairspray) will be authorized until the last portion of training. You may bring them.
    _Shower Shoes
    _White mesh laundry bag

    _ Civilian Clothes. Civilian clothes should be brought. You may have approximately 4-5 days of liberty where you can wear civilian clothes. Plan accordingly.
    _ All students need to bring a combination padlock. (Key locks are not authorized)
    Prior Service:
    _ Bring medals (Large), Ribbons, and Warfare Devices. If your prior service was with any service other than the Navy, you will need to procure or order your medals/ribbons/devices prior to your arrival. The Uniform Shop here does not carry a large assortment of different service items.
    Running Shoes:
    _ Please invest in a quality pair of running shoes less than six months old. You will be running 5-7 miles per week, depending on where you are in training. Running is conducted on pavement, so a good pair of shoes is important. (Running will be less during winter months due to outdoor conditions.) Vibrams, or any other type of "Five Finger Running Shoe" is not authorized while at ODS.
    Authorized Items:
    _ Alarm Clock, Battery-Operated (No radio function)
    _ Cell Phones (will be authorized after hours)
    _ Wristwatch (will be authorized later in training)
    _ Wallet and Check Book/Debit Card

    Other Items:
    _ 2-3 black ink ball point pens
    _ Envelopes
    _ Stamps
    _ Scissors
    _ 6” x 9” Steno Notebook. (Basic Color)
    _ Cleaning supplies. Students usually spend money buying personal cleaning supplies. You may bring these items if you desire. (Usual Items cover basic dusting and cleaning personal spaces)
    -Shoe Shine Kit (Black Polish/Brush/Cloth)
    -Small container of laundry detergent.
    *There is a place to purchase these items if you do not wish to pack them. Navy Exchange/Wal-Mart and other locations are located on or close to the base.

    Officer Development School Required Paperwork

    (You should bring 3 copies of each requirement)

    • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) or Reserve Orders and any Modifications
    • Copies of prescriptions from civilian physicians if taking prescription medication. At Minimum 1 weeks’ worth of medication should be hand carried with you. You may bring 5 weeks worth, but with a prescription you can get it filled once you are here.
    • All medical/dental records and immunization records. Military and Civilian.
    • Oath of Office. This is MANDATORY!!!
    • Direct Deposit Information (Your banks routing number and your account number).
      - Direct deposit is not optional. Bring your bank account number and financial institution's routing number (RTN) for your direct deposit. You will be offered the opportunity to open an account with Navy Federal Credit Union but this is not mandatory.
    • Birth certificate. (Original)
    • Social Security Card. (Original) - ALL MEMBERS MUST HAVE ORIGINAL SSN CARD WITH THEM!

      If the student is unable to bring originals (besides your Social Security Card) the students must have a Court Certified True Copy of each document. Notarized copies will not be accepted.
    • State or Federal issue photo identification (driver's license, state identification card or passport).
    • Marriage License (if applicable). (Original)
    • Spouse's identification card (if applicable). (Original)
    • Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards for all dependents (all children/spouse if applicable). (Original)
    • Child custody documents (if applicable). (Original)
    • Divorce documents (if applicable). (Original)
    • Recruiter Contact Information (Name/Phone/Fax and NRD Address)
    • !!ACCESSION BONUS INFORMATION!!: If you are receiving an accession bonus, we will need:
      • Service Agreement
      • Congratulations Letter

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    Is anyone else beginning to get a knot in the pit of their stomach? I seriously am so worried I'm not going to be ready in all senses of the word for Sunday. I feel like Sunday is when my life is going to change so drastically and I don't know how to handle it! I'm so terrified that I'm going to get there and just embarrass myself, lol. Am I the only one freaking out here?
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    Thanks Elise!!! I am from Morris county nj have you ever been? Im about an hour from NYC. I think the app is called US Navy, if you type navy into the search box I think it's the first one to pop up!! Thanks for all of the extra info. That is really helpful!

    Alex, I feel exactly the same way you do right now, what's worse is I woke up with a terrible cold yesterday and have no energy to get anything done! Couldn't have had worst timing to get sick! Are you Going up on Sat or Sun?? We should all try and meet up!
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    My cousin is from Morristown. Is that in Morris County? I am from Cherry Hill in Camden County. Friday I am actually staying with him and driving up Saturday morning. I will arrive in Newport Saturday evening. I heard from someone that is going upto ODS with us that we can check in Saturday afternoon/evening and get our room assignments. I am a little anxious to Alex and Devin, but I've been through military customs for a year when I did NROTC and it's not that bad. Yeah it's strict and lots of rules but I am sure you all know that by now ahaha but we are officers now meaning we will be respected more. They will treat us a little better than if we were enlisted recruits. Work as a team, the military HATES individualism. That's what they want to see so when the going get's tough just help a fellow officer out.

    Let's all meet up! 2 girls that were assigned Naval Medical Center Portsmouth suggested we go out to dinner Saturday.

    My number is 856 905 0765 feel free to text/call me!
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    I'm relieved that I'm not crazy and am not the only one freaking

    I actually only live about 12 miles away from Newport so I'll be coming Sunday's going to be great to meet you all!
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    I'm a bit late in this thread but my name is Melissa and I'm a new graduate assigned to San Diego in October. I received my orders yesterday and I'll be heading to ODS tomorrow, so I'm feeling very unprepared and nervous. :uhoh21:

    I'll be arriving Saturday evening. I look forward to meeting you all!
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    Hi Melissa! I'm Devon, congrats on finally getting orders! Better late than never I guess right?? Lol, it's going to be okay, if your worried about not being prepared by Saturday I would say don't stress out too much, even though you just got orders, we're all pretty much in the same boat. I feel like even though I've had my orders for over a month I'm still scrambling around trying to figure what I need to do and what to bring and everything! Just take a deep breath, enjoy your last few nights home, bring everything on the ODS checklist and it will be fine!

    I think it's a great idea for us all to meet up on Saturday! My number is 201 919 3998, feel free to text or call me as well. Can't wait to meet everyone!
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    I would love to hear about your experiences.. Im at NYU and finish up with school in Decemeber and was tentatively told Im going to San Diego.

    mpaul87- If you wouldnt mind I want to hear how the first couple weeks are at San Diego.

    Congrats on completing ODS to those who went in September!

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