Navy Nurse First Duty/ODS/Relocation 2013 - page 3

Hello to all Navy NCP students! I am graduating in two months and finally got an email from Bethesda that I can now contact detailer for ODS dates and first duty station. I cannot believe it takes so long to find out where I will... Read More

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    Congrats HM2Doc! Did he give you a sense of when you would go to ODS?

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    Congrats aketamax!
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    I'm graduating at the end of April, so he said I'd probably go to ODS in June...maybe July. He said ODS dates depend on how long it takes you to pass the NCLEX. I plan on taking it as soon as possible in order to make the June class.
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    I am sure you will pass it just fine and I may see you at ODS on June 16th! You will probably identify me very quickly because of my Russian accent I am now waiting on sponsor to contact me as I have so many questions regarding relocation, living and schools..
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    Thank you! Congrats to all of us
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    Congratulations to you all! If you would like me to see if I can get you in contact with a nurse currently working at those locations let me know. The sponsor program is great but can be delayed-I didn't receive sponsor info until half way through ODS. Feel free to PM me. -Navy Nurse at Portsmouth Medical Center
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    Congratulations to everyone! I am currently stationed at WRNMMC Bethesda if anyone has any questions feel free to PM me.
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    Yes, I have a ton of questions! Relocation, HOUSING, sponsor, schools, etc. I emailed to one person yesterday to get me in contact with sponsor, but did not hear anything back yet. I am coming to Bethesda the week of March 24th. Hopefully, I can meet and talk with some people. Any information you have, I will gladly accept and be grateful for
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    I am coming to Bethesda just for a visit. My actual date is August 5th.
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    Quote from aketamax
    Thank you! I live in Illinois, so I probably could go either West or East. Did you go thru ODS?
    Im NCP 2014 and also live in IL... Im by NAVSTA Great Lakes... are you also in the area?

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