Navy FY18 Direct Assessions - page 3

Hey guys just wanted to get a thread started so we could all celebrate or commiserate together through this process. As of 11/29, my recruiter has said no packages have been selected from any sub... Read More

  1. by   Pike01
    Congrats Shertz!
  2. by   SBSN
    I'm just curious..... has anyone been flat out denied? You can message me if you prefer. I know we all know how grueling this process is. My best guess is 98% of applicant weed themselves out.
  3. by   MissIllCrisis
    Quote from schertz7
    Got the call today that I was selected for active duty med surg.. only open billets were Lemoore, CA, Portsmouth, VA and Camp Lejeune, NC. I think I'm headed to Camp Lejeune in June. ODS in April. Good Luck to everyone else. Hopefully news comes soon.
    Congrats! That is so exciting! I live about 45 min from Lejeune so if you are thinking of off base housing and wondering about areas to look for just let me know.
  4. by   May.R
    Where you able to get scrolled in and commissioned for the April ODS class?