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Hi all, I'm meeting with a recruiter from the AF and one from the Navy next week to talk about Nursing in both of these branches. Anyone have any advice for me going into these meetings? Possibly... Read More

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    How did you get in touch with the Navy recruiter? Filling out the web form only got me a call from the 800 number and a vague promise someone would "be in touch". Same with AF. So far Army is the only ones in touch.

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    I called the number for my local recruitment branch towards the end of the day and they pawned me off on some other guy after I told them I was interested in coming in with my BSN as a nurse. That guy brought a medical officer recruiter to our initial meeting and I've been working with him ever since.
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    I would take a look at the thread titled: Military Nursing Questions Answered for lots of different info and opinions. Remember to take what recruiters say with a grain of salt. There job is to make whatever branch they are representing sound like the best thing ever. before you sign, make sure that you speak to current AD nurses that ARE NOT recruiters. You will get a more real sense of what the job is really like. I was duped by some recruiters who had worked as nurses but were now recruiters and they left out some pretty important details. Good luck.

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