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Lackland AFB

  1. 0 I am interested in any info I can get regarding Lackland AFB and the surrounding area. I will be stationed there (actually BAMC) for my first assignment in October. I am curious about where to live and neigborhoods with good schools for my kindergartener. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Are you already a nicu nurse in the airforce or are you going to lackland. This would be a great coincidence because I am a NICU nurse about to go to COT and will be station on Lackland AFB and is currently seeking schools in the area for my kindergartner.
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    I don't have my kids with me here. But most families are moving up north San Antonio. Up I35 or up 281. Don't go South of 35. SeaWorld area is great - but commute would kill. I also like I10 and Huebner area - but the traffic can be rough. It's a great family friendly area.
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    I am stationed at Lackland and working in SAMMC. We are living in Cibolo. We have a kindergarten and 2nd grader going to Randolph elem. It takes me about 15-20 min. To drive to SAMMC. This is a very nice place for kids.
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    I lived past Seaworld (past 211 & 90 actually) and drove to BAMC and Ft. Sam daily with no problem. If you work banker's hours - you would suffer. If you are medical and go in at 0500 - no problem with traffic.