I'm a Filipina Naturalized Citizen - Can I get a job at the VA ?

  1. The reason I ask is I'm looking at VA Jobs (in a hospital setting) and it says US. Citizens and "Status Candidates" may apply. I know I'm a Naturalized US Citizen...but don't know if this applies to me or not. Please forgive me in advance as I've only been in the US now for 3 years.

    Please be kind

    Thanks everyone !
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  3. by   BVFD 333
    As a naturalized US citizen YOU ARE A US CITIZEN, so absolutley. You can only not become the next president, other than that you have the same rights and responsibility as any other citizen. Just make sure your school is NLN or CCNE.
  4. by   asiangal
    That is a breath of fresh air as I wasn't sure if they look at it differently or not. Technically, I'm not a US Citizen in terms of voting and Social Security....so wasn't sure if this also applies to VA Govt. Jobs.

    Thanks for clarifying
  5. by   BVFD 333
    I am confused... You write "Technically, I'm not a US Citizen in terms of voting and Social Security"... so you are a legal alien not naturalized US citizen? If you are a legal resident (alien) you can not work at the VA, if you have or can get a US passport ( or one could say being a US citizen) you can work for the VA.