1. I am currently working towards my BSN, but want to join the Air Force. I have looked into the HPSP, but the information I can find about it is pretty sparse. Can anyone tell me when I can/should meet with a recruiter to talk about applying for the scholarship?! I might should add that I have just over one year left until graduation.
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  3. by   Archer79
    I was looking for information about this scholarship too. I found a PDF online that lists information for this scholarship with contact info of an AF recruiter in Illinois. I called and talked to him, he told me that they no longer grant this scholarship for master's degrees, they only give it to nurses who are accepted into a DNP program. Apparently, the AF has increased their requirements for entry level NPs to doctorate level instead of MSN or DNP. I'm sorry if this is bad news for you, but at least you know that once you are ready for your DNP that there is a scholarship that would PAY you while you're going to school to become a doctorate-prepared nurse practitioner. If you are interested in this scholarship, finish your BSN and make sure you get really good grades, get accepted into a BSN-DNP program and apply for this scholarship.
  4. by   jfratian
    Go to the Air Force website and use the 'find a recruiter' tool. One of the 3 options is 'health professional or student.' That will allow you to contact a healthcare recruiter who will know about the availability of various scholarship programs.

    If you want to join as an RN, then you need to start applying now. You're too late for HPSP for your BSN, but there is the active duty health professions loan repayment program; this retroactively pays back $40K in loans for 3 years of service.

    If you want to come in as an advanced prgractive