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i love my country, as you can tell by my screen name, i am enthusiastically prone to patriotism. yesterday i completed my cna training through a well-respected vocational training institution in denver. i was a good student, and... Read More

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    That also happened to me--I interviewed and was told I was a strong candidate. It was about a week later when they called to say that they had to offer the job within the VA(I kinda wondered why they hadn't done that first) then I never heard from them again. It is very disappointing,because the whole process is so time consuming and then you don't even find out what happened.

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    The VA takes a great deal of time to secure a position. I wish I could tell you why. When I first went to the VA for a position, they told me that they were on a hiring freeze. As an RN, I wondered if they were the only hospital in the country on a hiring freeze. Several weeks later, I called again and they asked me to come in ... I interviewed and then waited and waited and waited. Finally, after several calls, I was asked to come back in. In the end, it took over 4 months for them to finally make a job offer to me.

    When I started working with the other nurses, I slowly began to realize that my experience was not unique and most of the nurses all waited varying amounts of time ... some as long as 6 months before an offer was made. Unfortunately, this is the reason that the VA has a hard time filling positions ... most nurses need to work and can not wait several months for the VA to make up their minds.
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    Who would have thought this would be that long of a process. I would almost assume with more vets coming back from Iraq that the system will be flooded and the amount of nurses to increase. I am currently working with a contract with the marine corps and we are busy my case load gets longer by the week and I am constantly referring to the VA. Thanks for the info guys.
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    You will have more success if you call the nurse managers directly or the ICU education department. They want qualified nurses and often feel frustrated that human resources holds up interviews. So, call all the units MICU, CCU, SICU, Stepdown, medical, surgical, telemetry, etc.... Good luck to all !

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