hopeless but not giving up. what are my chances for Navy NCP

  1. Here's the deal, my GPA is in a rut. It's at a mere 2.7 and I know the minimum required is 3.0. The good thing is that I just started taking prereqs for nursing school and I can get it back up to 3.0 by the time I apply (nursing school, that is), which will be by the Spring. I know this does not make me competitive at all, but I'm not going to give up on my dreams.

    Should I apply as soon as my GPA meets the requirement and I'm in nursing school? Or should I wait until about my second year of nursing school and with a higher GPA?

    Also, is there anything I can start doing now that could possibly make me a a stand-out candidate, assuming I add this information in my application/resume?
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  3. by   inspiredbynavy
    BUMP? Any insight?
  4. by   Julesmama28
    You never know! I wouldn't give up just yet, but you need to know that it's competitive and might not happen. My dreams were it on hold while I had my babies- but it was a blessing in disguise because I grew up a lot and had time for several bad grades to fall off my gpa. Good luck!
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    Are you in the Navy, Jules?
  6. by   StudentForever77
    I would contact a health care recruiter and ask what he/she thinks. My guess is that the recruiter will ask you to wait, bring your grade up, and then apply. Problem is that a 3.0 might not cut it, either. This is a highly competitive program...I was nervous getting in...and I had a 3.94 ( I was accepted). So I'd say you need to aim for straight As this semester...and then perhaps you'll have a chance to explain your big change...at least, that would make me reconsider you, if I were making the decision.
    As for "what else" you can do...volunteer in your community, start working out now, and make sure your credit and personal life is in outstanding order. When you meet the recruiter, if he/she thinks they have to toss you on the scale, that's bad news. Unpaid bills? Adios. Prove that you're ready. Prove that you want this... It's more than just grades so be an A+ in every other aspect of your life!

    Best wishes.
  7. by   linnaete
    NCP duration is 2 years max, so you have some time to get your grades up before you apply. It doesn't hurt to start talking to a recruiter now, but they probably won't even let you apply until you are near the halfway mark as you can't swear in with more than 24 months of school left.
  8. by   inspiredbynavy
    Thanks for the reply guys.

    So, I'm already in good physical shape. I like working out and going to the gym so the physical part is not a worry for me. I'm not worried about credit or anything else. I haven't been in any serious trouble with the law or anything. All that stuff I'm good on.

    I'm not even in nursing school yet. I've already been in contact with the local health recruiter. I'm not going to tell them I'm way under the required because that will just toss me off the boat for them.

    I realize the only chance I have is to make straight A's from here on out, but what I really wanted to hear was if there is anything I could do outside the box that could put me in a light as a great candidate. I have done some volunteering, but I feel like that's such a common thing that other applicants will also have on their resume. I'm really looking for that something that will make me stand out, something that none others have done that I could probably do.

    I might not be making sense. Sorry if I'm confusing. I'm just kind of desperate because the Navy is really where I want to be.
  9. by   jeckrn
    Yes, other applicants have volunteering on their resumes and if you do not it has a good chance of being noticed that you do not.