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Hi everyone. I am trying to join the Navy Nurse Corps for FY 2014 (Oct. 2013). I know this is a bit early for a thread like this but I plan on beginning my package in January 2013 to allow maximum... Read More

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    Hello all. I am also applying for the NC FY 2014. This process have been so frustrating because I have so many questions and they are not being answered. I started the process of getting the paperwork together and submitted it all about two weeks ago. I have to complete my physical (next friday) and two interviews. I have been asking about the frequency of the "Board". If it wasn't for this site, I would still be chasing down my recruiter. Navy_HCA...since you are a recruiter, my question for you is how likely it is that I would be selected? I have been an CICU/ICU nurse for a little over 5 years. I hold a BSN and MSN. Not to mention, I am a certified critical care RN (CCRN) studying for my CMC sub-specialty certification. I'm only 29 years old and ready to serve my country. They can call me YESTERDAY and I will leave.

    How long is the process from beginning the application to actually leaving for training?

    Thanks for all the advice and information.

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    Hello there. Thank you for offering to be a resource. I am a RN-BSN with 12 years nursing experience in the civillian sector. I will be going back to school in the fall to pursue my MSN (FNP). Very interested in joining the military but would like to speak to someone. I spoke to a recruiter back in Nov 12 but he was very nonchalant and haven't heard from him since. Any information you can provide would be helpful
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    Quote from chaseloss
    I am also looking to join active duty. The recruiter also wants me to try for the reserves but I dont find the pay or benefits competitive enough especially when I can find a PRN job that will pay me well. I want to do active duty for the student loan repayment and the opportunity to travel as well as helping others which I already do now.
    I was told last week by the recruiter I am working with that they are no longer doing loan paybacks. But they are doing sign on bonuses depending on how many years you commit to. I was told 20K for 3 years and 30K for 4 years.
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    Quote from jrtaylor4

    I was told last week by the recruiter I am working with that they are no longer doing loan paybacks. But they are doing sign on bonuses depending on how many years you commit to. I was told 20K for 3 years and 30K for 4 years.
    Not sure about loan repayment, but that's correct about the bonuses. I commissioned this month and did the 4yrs/30K option.
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    i finally got my kit completed, which took longer than i expected, and was told by my recruiter that they weren't accepting kits any longer for critical care, 1960, specialty for fy 2013. which sucks, because now i have to wait until oct 2013 for next fy just to apply. has anyone else come across this problem?
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    Vinstafa...I ran into the same problem. I was told all along there were more than enough slots then BAM....ll are gone. I was heart broken to say the least, but there is a reason for everything. Now i look at it as time for me to get additional certs under my belt. Where are you located? I am in Newport News VA. It is really bad for me because I feel like I have my family in limbo.
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    I was told that they are doing LRP, but you have to be approved for it.
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    love2013...I'm from Baltimore. I'm not sure about the LRP because I don't have any loans. When I spoke to my recruiter last week, he told me that the board no longer meets before the new fiscal year, like they have in the past. The earliest they will accept any kits for FY 2014 is OCT 1. This whole process seems like it will never end, but hopefully that means more people drop off. On a good note, my recruiter told me that the alternates selected for FY 2013 will have to reapply, and aren't automatically given a spot in 2014. For FY 2012 and FY 2013 there were 15 spots for critical care, 1960. He told me that they normally don't fill them until April or May, meaning, if we are in by the first board, we should be fine. Minus the MSN, I have the same creds as you, and I can't imagine them not picking up two CCRN's for 1960.
    Talk about being in limbo, I thought I was leaving in OCT, like originally planned, and I have taken all my PTO. Were they bringing you in as an O-2 or an O-3? I was coming in as an O-2, since I have 5 years experience, and would become an O-3 at 18 months.
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    vinstafa...When I started the process they told me that they still had 8 slots available. I thought I would be good, but that's what I get for thinking. As far as my rank....I have no idea. I asked my recruiter and she told me that will come when they look at my packet. I am not sure who "they" are, but they will tell me. I have had the privilege of having an O3 and O4 to help guide me through this frustrating process. For instance, I asked my recruiter about the incentive bonus for 1960 specialty...she told me I do not get it. I went into her office with the documentation from the O4 with a note from him and all of a sudden I am eligible for it. Recruiters can be sneaky people.

    That is true about the CCRN. There is a lot of new nurses going in, but you would think they would take the more experienced nurse. Show me how to be a Navy officer, put me in the hospital and let me go....I'll survive. So where would you like to go??
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    My recruiter was very informative and whenever I had doubts about anything, I always double and triple checked. Luckily, I have a big contact at Portsmouth that was able to guide me in my questioning with the recruiter. When did you start the process? I started back in Feb, and after going to Bethesda for my medical, and getting my interviews done, my kit was done late April. A few days after my kit was submitted to the project manager, I was told they weren't accepting anymore for this FY.
    As far as your rank, if you have been working 5 years, with your BSN, you should at least come in as an O2. Generally, it's two years civilian=1 year toward rank; and I think when it comes to your masters it's a 1 year to 1 year. So, you might be able to get O3, but that comes with much more responsibility.
    I would like to be in Bethesda since I own a home in Baltimore, but at this point, I don't really care where I'd go. They say it's basically one of the big three hospitals, but you can "ask" for anything. I walked around with the CNS on the SICU in Bethesda, and it was a really nice, updated unit.
    Is your recruiter a medical recruiter or a general recruiter?

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