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FY2014 Navy Nurse Corps Direct Accession - page 2

Hi everyone. I am trying to join the Navy Nurse Corps for FY 2014 (Oct. 2013). I know this is a bit early for a thread like this but I plan on beginning my package in January 2013 to allow maximum... Read More

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    Quote from NAVY_HCA
    Congratulations on your decision to serve and best of luck to you during the lenghty application process. Before I joined the Navy as a healthcare administrator, I looked to the allnurses website for the wealth of information that can be found here. Now I'm currently a Medical Programs Recruiter for the Navy... I decided to officially register on this site as way to "give back" to the community that helped me out. Hopefully I can be a resource to any who are looking for insight/guidance in joining the military. I can speak as an active duty Service Member in the health field and also as a recruiter
    HCA- I am trying to get a hold of the nurse recruiter in Richmond, VA and am having no luck. I want to get the process going, but have made multiple attempts at calling them and leaving a message without any call back. Any suggestions to get a recruiter to call back? A little bit of background on me, I am a Stepdown Cardio-Thoracic surgery nurse with 9 months experience. I wanted to get a year in before trying to get into the Navy. Suggestions?Thanks!
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    Good to see a thread started for FY14 already. I am on track to graduate in May 2013 with my BSN and was previous active duty Enlisted of 9 years. I have been talking on and off with my local (Denver, CO) recruiter for about a year, but now that graduation is close and I am starting the long journey of"kit" completion, he has gone silent on me.
    HCA - Thank you for joining this link and being a willing resource. The recruiter I have been talking with did tell me last August that he will be leaving his current position this March and he was not sure who would replace him and what kind of experience they would have. Do you think I would have better luck contacting a Recruiter in a larger Navy town like San Diego (where I have friends & family living)? I understand that it is important to have a knowledgeable recruiter through this process. Also, are you aware if anything has changed on the age rules? What I have been told previously is that they minus your previous years served from your actual age and as long as you are not over 40, you are still eligible. I am 47 with 9 yrs served, so my Navy "age" would be 38. The way I understand it is that I still have a couple of years to try and get one of these coveted spots to be a US Navy Nurse!
    Thanks and good luck everyone.....let the madness begin!
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    Getting in touch with a healthcare recruiter is like chasing a ghost! I've been in contact with a healthcare recruiter since 2010 (tried to get In NCP but didn't qualify because I was in a part-time BSN program). He instructed me to call him last semester of nursing school to begin package. Now getting a hold of him is close to impossible! Closest recruiter is in San Diego. They don't answer the phone or return emails anymore!! I am frustrated and really don't want to attempt to do a walk-in at the San Diego office from Las Vegas. Ugh!! I don't want to keep leaving messages like a stalker.
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    I've decided to take the plunge as well and am looking at having my kit in by August 2013. I have my RN license already and I graduate from my RN-BSN program in May. I've busted my butt to make sure I have a great GPA and to get done in under a year. I am prior USMC as well, with 5 years AD. I'm really excited and nervous to see if I'm accepted at the end of the year. Good luck to you!
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    I echo all the difficulty tryig to get in touch with a medical recruiter and I live in San Diego, and work on the base literally down the street from their office. I am a civilian nurse working for the military and have 4 years of experience as a BSN with a specialty in psych (currently treating combat-related PTSD in Active Duty SMs). When I FINALLY met with the LT (who was impossible to get a hold of even with CAPTs, CDRs, and the NC PRogram Manager in Millington trying to help), we sat down and he was really excited that I was looking to continue on in psych with the Navy. Right. That died quickly. It has been next to imposible to get in touch with him, and I really do not want my whole package to be delayed because of one LT. I've heard too many horror stories of people starting earlier and their kits not even making it to boards. I'm starting to feel like a stalker at this point but am one week away from taking it up the chain or contacting LA's NRD and seeing if they'll be more responsive to my needs. Any suggestions on unresponsive recruiters is VERY welcomed. My boyfriend is a 22 year retired Marine with significant recruiting experience under his belt and he's shocked as well. I work for the Navy - I know how badly we need good AD nurses. Disappointing to see the access being held up at the lowest level...
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    PRICHARILLA: You would have to spend a lot of time working in the civilian sector to earn 0-2E or 0-3E. They may even want you to have a masters degree to get that kind of rank.

    You should just apply for the NCP and get 0-1E after graduation. That's what I'm doing (already accepted into NCP). It takes on average 2 years to pick up 0-2E and 4 years to pick up 0-3E, so you are looking at needing 4-8 years of civilian experience just to earn a rank you could pick up in 2-4 years. After 8 years working "in the field" you MAY (I highly doubt it) come in as an 0-3E, at which point I'll already have just over 15 years of service (already have 7 as prior enlisted) and I will be up for 0-4. What I'm trying to say is that it makes more sense to just get in as soon as you can and start your Navy career. Instead of spending those years as a civilian you'll be putting it towards retirement, and you'll have experience as an officer. If you come in as an 0-1E, by the time you are an 0-3E you'll actually know how to be an 0-3. If you just come in as an 0-3E you won't know what you're doing (as an officer) and few will respect you as a leader.

    Go on Navytimes.com and use their pay calculator to see what you'd be making as an 0-1E with 8 years experience. It'll likely be more than what you could be earning as a new grad RN in the civilian sector. And in 4 years, when you hit 0-3E, you'll be making the same or more than a nurse practicioner. Long story short, it's more beneficial to just join right after graduation.

    That's my advice at least.
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    I am also looking to join active duty. The recruiter also wants me to try for the reserves but I dont find the pay or benefits competitive enough especially when I can find a PRN job that will pay me well. I want to do active duty for the student loan repayment and the opportunity to travel as well as helping others which I already do now. I am currently a RN on a med surg floor and I've been doing it since June 2012. I have little under a year experience and by the time i enlist i should be well over a year. The recruiter already checked my references for my 2 co-workers and manager so i'm clear on that. Now I just need to submit my application which took me approx 4 hours to do and go through MEPS. I will probably let you all know how the process is going. I've been working with my recruiter since Jan 2013 and he does a good job keeping in contact. It's not the health recruiter but I guess he is helping the other recruiter.
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    Hello all. I am also applying for the NC FY 2014. This process have been so frustrating because I have so many questions and they are not being answered. I started the process of getting the paperwork together and submitted it all about two weeks ago. I have to complete my physical (next friday) and two interviews. I have been asking about the frequency of the "Board". If it wasn't for this site, I would still be chasing down my recruiter. Navy_HCA...since you are a recruiter, my question for you is how likely it is that I would be selected? I have been an CICU/ICU nurse for a little over 5 years. I hold a BSN and MSN. Not to mention, I am a certified critical care RN (CCRN) studying for my CMC sub-specialty certification. I'm only 29 years old and ready to serve my country. They can call me YESTERDAY and I will leave.

    How long is the process from beginning the application to actually leaving for training?

    Thanks for all the advice and information.
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    Hello there. Thank you for offering to be a resource. I am a RN-BSN with 12 years nursing experience in the civillian sector. I will be going back to school in the fall to pursue my MSN (FNP). Very interested in joining the military but would like to speak to someone. I spoke to a recruiter back in Nov 12 but he was very nonchalant and haven't heard from him since. Any information you can provide would be helpful
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    Quote from chaseloss
    I am also looking to join active duty. The recruiter also wants me to try for the reserves but I dont find the pay or benefits competitive enough especially when I can find a PRN job that will pay me well. I want to do active duty for the student loan repayment and the opportunity to travel as well as helping others which I already do now.
    I was told last week by the recruiter I am working with that they are no longer doing loan paybacks. But they are doing sign on bonuses depending on how many years you commit to. I was told 20K for 3 years and 30K for 4 years.
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    Quote from jrtaylor4

    I was told last week by the recruiter I am working with that they are no longer doing loan paybacks. But they are doing sign on bonuses depending on how many years you commit to. I was told 20K for 3 years and 30K for 4 years.
    Not sure about loan repayment, but that's correct about the bonuses. I commissioned this month and did the 4yrs/30K option.
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    i finally got my kit completed, which took longer than i expected, and was told by my recruiter that they weren't accepting kits any longer for critical care, 1960, specialty for fy 2013. which sucks, because now i have to wait until oct 2013 for next fy just to apply. has anyone else come across this problem?
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    Vinstafa...I ran into the same problem. I was told all along there were more than enough slots then BAM....ll are gone. I was heart broken to say the least, but there is a reason for everything. Now i look at it as time for me to get additional certs under my belt. Where are you located? I am in Newport News VA. It is really bad for me because I feel like I have my family in limbo.