FY2013 ANC boards?

  1. I have read a few times in a few theads on this forum, nurses saying the ANC board was in October. My healthcare recruiter is doing my packet for the November 5th board. I was told that is the only board available for Army Nurse Corps positions. Is my healthcare recruiter misinformed(which has happend quite a few times so far), or is there some sort of different board I am confusing. (I do not mean AF, or USN)
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  3. by   New1LT
    FY13 starts Oct, but that just means that the board can convene anytime after that. Most are in Nov so that the board can put out changes and recruiters have the time to ensure the packets are complete.
  4. by   jeckrn
    It has been posted by several different nurses who are apply to the ANC that they have been told there will only be one board in FY13. Along with this one board they are only selecting as little as ten nurses. I am not sure of the true number but because the ANC is overstrength I am not surprised by these numbers.
  5. by   shighsmith
    hmm I head a week ago that the number would be 42 selected. see how all this chitter chatter mixes things up. Oh well When it happens it happens right?
  6. by   jeckrn
    Either way that is a low number. Back in FY09 they took in 1000 nurses each for active and reserves.