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I have been following the thread for FY 2013 Air Force nursing and realize that many of the clinical nurses, including myself, were made alternates for FY 2014. The only information I have received from my recruiter is that I... Read More

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    Quote from Critically insane
    I have been a Registered nurse for 7 years, have my BSN for two now. Worked as ICU nurse for for six of those years, worked per diem as ER nurse for four years and per diem as a flight nurse for a year and half. I had chief nurse interview and it went well, also went through MEPS without issue. I am applying for reserves as critical care nurse what are my chances of getting into COT?
    I think you have more reasons to be selected than most applicants but there might be something in your application that might make you disadvantaged than the others. Though I must say that you seem to be more qualified than I am if the qualities you mentioned here were to be compared with mine. That does not mean that there are things about me that wouldnt make me accepted first if compared with you. I guess you know what I mean. My take...all variables remaining equal...is that you will be accepted, at least as an alternate. I got accepted at a 1st alternate.


    I emailed my recruiter this week about any new news...his reply was..No. So the waiting continues...for those like me who are waiting selection. I am putting my hse up for rent next week, getting ready for October..no matter how unlikely that would be. My feeling is that this thing will be a January thing but I want to be ready for October, just in case.

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    How long after meps did you here anything about COT?
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    COT is only offered at certain points in the year. It depends on when your packet is submitted to the board. Your recruiter will know what board you are applying for and when the decision will be made (I think there are 2 boards per year for nurses with experience and 1 per year for new grads). I started my application in August 2012 and I found out the decision (ALT #3 Clinical Nurse) in March 2013. Even if I had been selected right off the bat, I would not have left for COT till October 2013 (14 months after I started the entire process...10 months from MEPS). For me, as an alternate, it will probably end up being 17 months from start to COT. Get ready to wait.

    Timeline for me was as follows:
    1. You meet with your recruiter. He/she gives you a very large packet (40+ pages) to fill out explaining everything from your medical history, where you've lived, resume, 9 short essays, references, etc.
    2. You go through MEPS.
    3. You interview with a chief nurse (LTC or COL) at an air force base near your home.
    4. You wait for a decision from the board.
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    HELP!!! I just want to know my chances of getting into USAF nurse corps. I am now a BSN, RN. All my paperwork are all in order. No medical condition. Resume is ok nothing impressive really. GPA is 3.7. Recommendation letters are great. My interview with the Lt. Col. Chief Nurse went well. My application will be submitted to the July board selection. My recruiter tells me to just wait for the result of the board and the earliest i can go active is January other than he does not have anymore information for me. I just want to know, how tough it is to get through the selection board? Does anyone know how applicants were turned down by the selection board? How many new grads are they accepting for 2014? I'm really anxious to know the results because the last thing I want is to be unemployed in the next 6 months, but I also don't want to start applying for jobs, and work for only 6 months and then leave.

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    They don't hire anywhere the new grads that they do experienced nurses. Get another job in the meantime. Even if you had a 4.0 and a perfect resume I would still tell you that. Work experience can only help you, and there are dozens of experienced nurses on the alternate lists right now. It sounds bad, but get a job and quit 6 months later if you have to. Doctor's offices and nursing homes are always hiring new grads. My GPA from a top 20 major university BSN program was also a 3.7 and I was made an alternate (although I was going for a fully qualified slot).
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    Thanks for your honesty jfratian...will keep up with my recruiter

    Quote from jfratian

    Your guess is honestly as good as mine. I can only tell you what I've been told.

    It is my understanding, from my conversations over the last 9 months with my recruiter, that they use alternates to fill the next class before taking new applicants. However, I do not know how many people they typically take per cohert. I imagine it has to do with how many current active duty nurses elect to retire/decline re-sign as well as the available funding in the budget. Maybe your recruiter has some inside info regarding next year's budget...would certainly be worthwhile to ask. If you find out, please post it.

    One way or the other you probably won't hear much until around the time the new federal fiscal year starts cerca October 1st. That's not to say you should stop touching base with your recruiter every so often, but it is probably a realistic expectation at this point in the game. If you do end up reporting to COT January 14th, you would probably get an offer sometime in October/November.
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    I am getting ready to contact a recruiter for more information, but I just had a quick question that I thought maybe could be answered here. I have my BSN, 4 years of experience in pediatrics (mostly neuro rehab and chronically ventilated/trach patients, but some NICU too) and I am a certified pediatric nurse. I was wondering if this would make me a less desirable candidate because I only have pediatric experience? I have seen tons of posts on here about trauma, ER, and ICU experienced nurses but I haven't seen anyone mention pediatrics at all.
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    Here is the description of pediatric nurse for the airforce. To answer the question, yes they do hire pediatric nurses and if your certified it makes you more desirable. When I had my CN interview, it was explained to me that by a certain time you are expected to be certified in an area of nursing to qualify for promotion. I would encourage you to go ahead and contact a recruiter. They will be able to give you more information.
    Pediatric Nurse - airforce.com
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    I will be having my chief nurse interview pretty soon. Anyone have an advice for the interview? I was given the "new accession interview packet" which has some sample questions and what they score you on. Is there anything else that you all think might help?
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    Don't worry about it at all. My experience with it was more of a formal information session than a hardcore interview. They will probably ask you a few questions from that list, but it was not a rigorous battery of questions trying to weed you out from other people. They aren't testing you on how much you REALLY know about the air force. They aren't expecting you to regurgitate trivia. They didn't even do the "what would you do in this clinical scenario" thing that a lot of civilian managers do.

    Most of it was providing you general info about air force life. Bring a list of your own questions for them...the chief nurse knows vastly more than your recruiter. The LTC I met with actually was a directly commissioned FQ applicant 26 years ago.

    Dress nice and come prepared. Don't spend hours memorizing your intended responses, though.
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