Do you have 12 hour shifts at your VA? Do you have 12 hour shifts at your VA? | allnurses

Do you have 12 hour shifts at your VA?

  1. 0 Just starting working and heard that different VA's have different tours. We have 8s and are working on 12s. Please share
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    Hi theVaway!
    I worked at VISN3 and the med/surg floors had eight hour shifts
    I worked in the ICU and we had 12 hour shifts.
    When I retire from the Military I will most probably go back to the VA
    athena PS I just LOVE your member name!
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    I work for the MS Gulf Coast VA. ICU and ER have 12 hour shifts. Acute care (where I work) has 12's and 8's. Long term care and Extended care has only 8's. Psyche (I believe) has only 8 hour shifts. Hope this helps!
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    Update- lost all 12s
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    I recently applied for a VA position in NC. Did the entire VA system go to 8 hour shifts?
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    I would like to know this too as my friend was hired by the VA and they originally told her 7p-7a but called her and told her 3p-11p... We both start the same day but they haven't told me that they changed my shift...