Divorced mom of 3 considering joining

  1. I'm a divorced mom of 3, almost 38 and will begin working on my Rn to BSN. I feel a huge drive to join the Army Nurse Corp for multiple reasons. Security in healthcare/retirement, love for my country and the honor of caring for men and women who serve, and it is the way I grew up (my dad is retired Army).

    I spoke with a recruiter who let me know I could be an Army Reserve officer while in school receiveing $1000 stipend/month and go active duty immediately once I finish my BSN within 2 years. I am in need the financial assistance through school, but my intent is to do 20+years.

    Currently our child custody arrangement is 50/50. From what I have read, I would have to sign paperwork giving their father 100% custody?

    Anybody have an experience or mere words of wisdom?
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  3. by   jeckrn
    I do not believe that you would have to give up custody of your kids. There are plenty of single parents in the Army who have custody of their children. You would have to have a family care plan stating who would take care of your children if you are deployed etc. The recruiter is stating that you would be able to join the reserves with your ADN and then switch to active once you complete your BSN. At one time that would not have been an issue but at this time the reserves are no longer commissioning ADN's and switching from reserves to active is not as easy as just a few years ago. If the recruiter wants to get you to go in as enlisted and then apply for your commission in either the reserves or active remember it is not automatic that you would pick up your commission. If you did not pick up your commission you would stay enlisted and be worked as such, not an officer. Again a few years ago this would not have been an issue but know it could happen with the drawdown, not saying it will but it could. There are programs which would help pay off your school debt after you join once completing your BSN, speak with the recruiter about those programs.
  4. by   suzmquz
    I think what you're considering is a great idea. I've thought about the same if I decided to divorce, but the thing that holds me back are my 2 kids, ages 6 & 9. My husband would fight me tooth & nail for the kids.
    If I decided to go back into the military (I was prior enlisted) one of us would have to give up our part of the deal. That doesnt mean you have to give up custody, but trying to have 50/50 custody when you're out of state or across the globe will be extremely difficult to maintain. If you go reserves, that will not be an issue. As the above poster said, you will have to have a family care plan in place. Good luck.
  5. by   nurse2033
    You don't have to give up custody. I'm a single parent in the Air National Guard. But, your co-parent must be able and willing to take the kids for long periods. We get along fine (now that we're divorced) and we've created our own flexible child support schedule based on who has the kids when. Good luck.