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Hi All, I am going through the initial process now of applying to the military, specifically Army Reserve. I recently completed medical clearance etc and now my packet is going in front of the... Read More

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    Quote from HM-8404
    You stated you do not want to be in a clinic setting. Afghanistan is winding down now, fewer deployments. Depending on how long it takes to get your paperwork through, when your attached unit was last deployed, and your initial training over you may never be forward deployed. When the deployments stop you will be in a clinic setting every drill weekend. Giving immunizations, blood draws, medical record checks, physicals, etc.
    Thanks for the info, what I mean is will I have options. But I understand and it makes complete sense, especially with things winding down. In your experience is training offered if you ask for it or is it more on an as needed basis. Again, the answer I got from the recruiter was, you have to apply. I'm also guessing it depends on your base commander??

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